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Top 8 reasons why your site drops rankings and gets delisted from SERP

It often happens that you find your websites has dropped rankings suddenly and you are pondering over it, asking SEO consultants and web developers. The rankings for your website has dropped means that your site has been penalized by the search engine. In the worst case,chances are there that you are delisted from the SERP. That is,you are totally out of search engine index. There are many,who really rely on search engine rankings and get traffic through it to the most. If you are one among them, it makes your business go down and decreases customers loyalty. Here are the important reasons that you should have in your mind while doing SEO for your site and maintaining it.

The list has been compiled in increasing order of risk taking for being delisted.

  1. Server and hosting issues: If your server is down, or if it’s running slow, a crawler might have a difficult time crawling the site. If it does, it’s likely to give up and move on to another site. And in some cases, your web host might ban a search engine from crawling your site because other clients have complained or because the crawler is creating problems with the hosting services provided. Any of these problems will cause your site ranking to drop. So this can be prevented by right hosting services and servers that are better and faster.

  2. robots.txt issues: A robots.txt file is one of the useful tool that guides the search engine crawlers through your site and make your pages index. Hence this is one of the important factor to be considered when developing your website. So it is necessary that they are to be written in a good manner.

  3. Broken or spammy links: Your links don’t have to be actual spam. If they appear to be spammy, a crawler might abandon the indexing of your site. And broken links will stop a crawler in its forward motion. Crawlers don’t like anything that makes them have to back up and start over again. So its good for developing sites crawler friendly and make sure your content and design are user friendly. You can check the links of your website here and make sure they are not broken nor dead

  4. Over Optimization: Its been believed by many people that “more you optimize your website,the more you get better rankings”. Its true in some aspect but not entirely. When you over optimize your website it is likely that search engines may consider you as spam and penalize you. So make your optimizations effective that you are not considered to be a spam.

  5. Linking strategies: Linking is one of the most used technique in SEO. Linking strategies make your website rank higher in SERP. So it can be understood that bad linking strategies can make your websites lose rankings and in the worst case to be delisted. Bad strategies include linking or getting links from banned or penalized, sites that are violent to the society and other such sites. So getting quality links must be in our mind than getting hundreds of links from these sites. Also we must analyze the sites completely, before we link to them. Constantly check your inbound and outbound links using Yahoo! Site Explore or Google Webmaster Tools.

  6. Keyword Stuffing: This is another spamdexing technique that makes your site considered to be spam in the eyes of search engines and penalize or delist you. Keyword stuffing is making your keywords appear in your page as much as you can. Some black-hats even make their Keywords hidden from users but visible to search engines by making their keywords font color as same as the background color. These guys expect better rankings from the search engines but what happens is that they get penalized or banned. There are tools available for checking your keyword density and and make sure you do not stuff them. 3-7% density is recommended.

  7. Content Scrapping: Content scrapping is a technique in which some black-hats copy content from other. This creates duplicates and search engines hate duplicates as do we. It wont do any good for users who searches and get all the news same and no new things they can know. Some times the sites with original content can get low rankings than who copied. In such a case we can file a DMCA complaint to respective authorities. You can check whether your content is copied using Copyscape. Make sure always that your content is unique because “Content is king“.

  8. Cloaking: Cloaking is a black-hat technique in which the content presented to the crawler is different to that presented to the user’s browser. This technique though makes traffic, is unethical and a serious issue. Cloaking may lead you to banned by search engines.

All these are the important factors that make your site delist and there are other factors too. In general, we can follow any techniques that are crawler and user friendly and avoid techniques that makes yor website to be thought as spam. Search Engines don’t consider you as spam unless you go for those techniques and stay as human,because we really are.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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5 comments on “Top 8 reasons why your site drops rankings and gets delisted from SERP
  1. Richman says:

    Yeah I agreed with the seven facts, but at the last is cloaking technique. I still use it and my PR still ok. Please tell me more about that.

    Thanks for shared that information.

  2. Increase Website Tra says:

    Good information…keep it flowing.

  3. Mercylivi says:

    Good collection of pts! Though I feel some of the pts mentioned would cause penalization rather than delisting from SEs like over optimization, spammy links etc.

  4. Senthil Ramesh says:

    Cloaking may affect you in long run. Though if it doesn’t it is generally considered to be black hat. To be on safer side, we must avoid it.

  5. Marcel Saiki says:

    Hi there, I found your blog by way of Google while searching for a comparable topic, your website came up, it seems great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

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