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Factors to take care after SEO launch

It is always an interesting task when you make changes in your on-page factors and doing off-page techniques to get links back, traffic and visitors, increase your rankings and getting more profits by it. Its all by the SEO efforts you made. But, its quite more painful when your site’s rankings drop few positions below, or the competitors over rank you or a big blow in your position in SERP. Yes, all these can happen if you don’t stay on top of your SEO efforts. Hence after making a good SEO launch you must stay focused on it to get its full benefits.

Here goes some of the factors you must take into account beyond the launch of your SEO process.

Monitor keyword rankings:

During the SEO process, you have monitored the positions of your keywords, strived to make it increase over period of time. When you had ranked first position in SERP, you must not stay idle . You must take care of the position of your keywords. There are some software or automatic rank checkers available that can make the task easier for you. But, some of them may harm you. So make sure you do this carefully.

Track your analytics:

Analytics is the best tool that monitors the activities in your site. So monitoring the analytics regularly as it plays the very vital role for your site’s progress. You must take care of the visitors visiting your site, the pages they visit, the pages they stay more, the bounce rate etc.., These factors help you in determining what are the processes you doing good and bad in your site.

Staying with Keyword Trends:

So you have optimised your site for particular set of Keywords and you are glad that you top for those keywords in SERP. But you still don’t get enough traffic or visitors to your site. This will ultimately reduce your conversions. When you take a look at the search volume it would have went very lower for the past few months. What it clearly implies is you are not staying upto the trends of the keywords. You have targeted keywords that are once popular but not now. So, its time to tweak the Keywords for better matching with the trends. It doesn’t mean that you have to change the Keywords completely but changing it slightly so that you can rank for the Keywords in trend. This factor has to be looked often as keyword trends change regularly.

Monitor Backlinks:

Its always good to have more backlinks passing link juice. It always gets you traffic, increases your reputation and exposes you to larger audience. But, something bad can happen with back links too. Gets you bad neighbour, negative reputation and your site may be flooded with spammy visitors. These all can happen if you are not sure where you are getting links from. Monitor your back links effectively and once in a month to know who links you. If you find someone who is suspicious, its good to request them to remove your links to stay clean. And in cases where they did not take any actions upon your request you should contact Google directly to avoid the spammy links.

Be consistent in getting backlinks:

As the previous point says to avoid bad back links and get good links, this insist on getting links in a consistent way. Assume you had a 500 backlinks on day 1, 1000 on day 2, 3000 on day 3. This sounds crazy. It is possible to get these, but what is the worst thing about these is, search engines suspect you as a spammer and they can take serious action over you. Getting suspicious by search engines can make you drop ranks at first which may lead to banning of the site. So, its too good to get links in a consistent way to stay safe.

Update Content Regularly:

Content, as everyone, knows is the key element for SEO. Adding fresh contents to your existing pages, new pages for new services, or new posts to your blog will make your site stay alive. It doesn’t mean it should happen daily., It can be daily, weekly or monthly. Make sure you have the content that is relevant to your niche and also remove content that are not relevant to your site. You should always keep an eye over what is at your site and make sure they are providing something useful to your users and readers. Keep your site upto date to match with users needs.

Grow your site

As said, content is very important to the site, the more important is adding pages to your site based upon your services. Your site must grow over a period of time. Updating sitemaps, adding blogs, newsletters are those that make your site grow over time and if your serious about SEO, you must take care of all of these.

Effective Internal Link Building:

Though Internal Linking is the main and important factor during SEO process it must be carried on after the SEO process too. Since your adding new pages, you must link to them through some pages to let the people know about it. If there is no link to the page, it may go like orphan pages and it gives you a big blow. Search Engines hate orphan pages. So build internal links and follow effective link building structure. The links to main pages, contact us and request for service must appear at the top or sidebar of every page.

Rename everything to include Keywords:

This may not happen all the time but if your images or links do not have the keywords in their alt text or anchor text , make sure to update them correctly.If you have used some web site design software then it will surely has the default titles. Make sure to replace them with necessary ones that matches your site and with your keywords.

Update Meta Details:

So now your images have the relevant keywords and everything like you want but if you have made any changes in the keywords make sure to update them in meta keywords section and tweak the description according to them. Also this should be done once your pages change by any ways.

These are the steps you must take care of once in a while to keep in track on your site growth and SERP positions. By conclusion, SEO is not a one time process. Its a never ending process.

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