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Bing Adds Search History To Auto Suggest Search

Bing’s community blog has came with an announced of including search history to its auto suggest search. This feature will support suggestions from your query history and make user to get them where they want to go faster. Bing uses your previous search queries to suggest search keywords, this will help users who uses Bing as their default search engine. In a Bing blog post, Bing says that

With history support in Autosuggest, you can restart a previous search session by typing a few characters to see your previous queries and start researching right where you left off.  We know from our testing that this makes you more effective at your longer search tasks.

Search History support in Bing Autosuggest Search

So having a feature to its search, Bing makes your search faster than earlier. Talking about the layout, search history queries will display in purple, while other queries display in blue color. If you think displaying your earlier search query a threat to your privacy, then you can disable it by hitting on History off and you can also manage your history to remove some of your previous search queries. Well a good leap ahead in Bing search to compete against other popular search engines.

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