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Web 3.0 and Semantic web

The Semantic Web is an evolving development of the World Wide Web. If web 2.0 is about linking people then web 3.0 is about linking data. Web 3.0 is a web in which data is linked to give more meaningful insight to the search. Semantic web in other words, is about teaching machines to read web pages, which are designed to be read by humans.

The term “Semantic Web” refers to W3C’s vision of the Web of linked data. Semantic Web technologies enable people to create data stores on the Web, build vocabularies, and write rules for handling data. Linked data are empowered by technologies such as RDF, SPARQL, OWL, and SKOS. Web 3.0 can viewed as one large database that uses structured data records published to the web and can be queried remotely by certain formats like RDF Schema, OWL, SPARQL of XML technologies by allowing information to be read across different programs across the web.

Tim Berners-Lee has described the semantic web as a component of ‘Web 3.0’. “When routing packets, the system only looks at the envelope–it’s an important design principle. Now people find out what you write in your letters.”

John Markoff of “The New York Times” said “In its current state, the Web is often described as being in the Lego phase, with all of its different parts capable of connecting to one another. Those who envision the next phase, Web 3.0, see it as an era when machines will start to do seemingly intelligent things.”

Here is an example of a How Web 3.0 Will Work

SEO and Semantic Web

Semantic techniques have already made impact into search and have started benefiting users. Many SEO companies have taken initiative into the semantic web optimization. semantic web optimization requires deeper understanding of the business and a strong mastery of semantic web standards such as RDF and microformats. Since search engines have been the primary driver of Internet marketing, we should adept to the new generation of web optimization which is as strategic as it is tactical.

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