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PPC Management Services

Are your ads being seen by the right customers? SSG’s pay per click service can help in maximizing your online visibility and ROI. We have plenty of experience in managing ad campaigns across platforms like Google AdWords & Bing Ads. We get to know your business, its USP and your competition to develop a strategy that will work for you. We help you select a suitable package based on your budget and business goals, and get your campaign up and running at the earliest.

Whether you have an existing PPC ad campaign or not, we analyze your site thoroughly to identify the areas of focus. We carry out keyword analysis to make sure you are targeting the most appropriate keywords, and identify the best landing pages on your site or suggest improvements for optimum conversions. While working on the ad copy, we ensure that the ads remain focused on the keywords and landing pages, and have a strong call to action to maximize the click-through rate. We make use of ad extensions to help you establish an edge over your competitors.

Before we start working on a multilingual SEO project, we get a clear picture of local market trends and the kind of domain that is likely to bring our clients the most profitable results. We make effective use of Webmaster Tools, implement multilingual markups, gain link authority in local markets, and develop a deep page linking structure, to help our clients make their websites more visible to search engines across the world, and reach customers more effectively.