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SEO Audit

SSG has been steering businesses to better optimization for improved search engine crawling, indexing and rankings on the Web. Our SEO audit is akin to a health check for your website as a whole. It ascertains how search engine friendly your site is, and helps you build a solid foundation to streamline your SEO efforts and deliver concrete results.

At SSG, each SEO audit is carried out by one of our SEO experts who will personally take a close look at your website and analyze the infrastructure, design and on-page components thoroughly to identify specific issues which might prevent search engines from indexing it completely. We review your needs, resources and website complexity, before we start. We have an exhaustive checklist which we follow for every SEO audit we perform, no matter how simple or complex your website is. We check various elements such as domains, URLs, broken links, image optimization, load times, crawl issues, the existing link profile, local targeting, keywords, mobile optimization and code validation.

Once the SEO site audit is complete, we will furnish you with an in-depth report which details all our findings. We will help you review the results and provide recommendations to compensate for or fix issues. Our actionable insights will guide you in enhancing your website, and tweaking your Internet marketing campaigns accordingly. We will assist you in creating a plan of action to systematically fix the problematic areas.

Our SEO Audit is available both as a standalone service and as a part of our SEO packages.

Get An SEO Audit For Your Website

If you would like to increase your site’s visibility and organic traffic, you can avail an SEO audit for your website. Contact us to get a free quote. Availability is limited as all audits are customized based on clients’ websites.