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Fresh On the Mind: Marketing Ideas For Small Business


Marketing a small business doesn’t need to break the owner’s bank. There are a lot of ideas that can help in marketing the small business without spending too much.

As the digital marketing landscape is growing, there are various of cost-effective and creative marketing tactics that any small business owner can use to increase awareness in their services and products. A lot of businesses thinks that their marketing strategies need to be big so that they can be visible to their competition.

Contrary to the common belief, here are some marketing ideas that small business owner can use to promote their businesses.

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How To Drive The Traffics By The Way Of Infographics

Small and medium business owners as well as entrepreneurs always find the ways to differentiate their marketing and implementation. One of the biggest as well as reliable trends, at present time, has been to create high-volume traffic on your business website, and at the same time use that content to attract more and more visitors every day. With everybody and their sister blogging, it is becoming more and more essential to diversify the content with more than just normal text. And, here infographic content comes. Infographics are increasing its popularity for small and medium businesses, and especially for startup companies.

Tricks to Drive Traffic with Infographics

If you have already prepared your business infographic, and thinking what to do with it now, then we are about to tell you what to do with it. Fortunately, creating the infographic is the first step, but if you have done it properly, then you have done half of the job. Now what you need to focus on how you are about to promote it and generate more and more traffic or visitors for your business website. A common misconception has spread everywhere about infographic is that they just go viral automatically. The truth is, if you do not get huge fans, followers and likes for your business, like Taylor Swift or Justin Bibber, then sharing or publishing infographic only will not do anything.

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What Are Ultimate Guides and How to Use Them?

You’ve probably seen a lot of ultimate guides on the Internet. There are even guides to creating ultimate guides.

There is a good reason for this.

Unlike standard content, ultimate guides get much more attention. On top of that, wholesomeness of these papers makes it easier to get links.

People are very impressed with what they see and are more inclined to share your content with their loyal fans.

But there is a catch.

Although this approach looks fine and dandy making you believe that ultimate guides are the best way to get on the map, they are really hard to create. At least to create successful ones.

This is why I made this article in order to point out some facts about guides, their creation and how your SEO can benefit.

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7 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing Strategy in 2017

Do you have a sound digital marketing strategy for your business?  I am damn sure that most of the answers to this question are a big ‘No.’

Although, if we go with a recent study conducted by Smart Insights, since 2012, we have witnessed some exponential improvements in the organizations who have adopted digital marketing in their process, however, still the numbers are not satisfactory as they don’t have any defined strategy.

You can also see the result of this survey showing what percentage of the organizations has clearly defined digital marketing strategy.


The above results clearly show that still, we have to go a long way long way as more than half of the organizations are running without a sound digital marketing strategy.

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Google Bombing

For those who haven’t heard the term before, Google bombing refers to a practice that causes hundreds or thousands of links to be directed towards your site. Great news if these are from valuable websites over a long space of time, right? Unfortunately, these types of links come from unrelated websites with irrelevant and sometimes inappropriate content and they all come at once. Google doesn’t appreciate sites that they think are trying to take advantage of their algorithms by link spamming and they will penalise you if they suspect this is what you are doing.

The company I work for, Trendhim, was struck with a Google bomb last year and of course, we panicked. Suddenly, websites containing pornographic content were linking towards our site in their thousands and if we didn’t act fast it was going to seriously damage our search result rankings and as result, our sales.

Luckily, we acted quickly and we were able to recover. Google have taken steps to reduce the number of these kinds of attacks but I still want to share our experiences in the hope that it can help others if they ever fall victim to the same situation.

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6 Mistakes that penalize your site in SEO

SEO of websites and web blogs is the most skilled advancing strategy for associations around the world. The complete volumes of visitors that can be facilitated into the sales funnel make SEO a patent marketing tool. While SEO is an ensured way to deal with fulfills an imperative bit of your marketing destinations, the constant advancement of optimization techniques makes it hard for any business to stay on top for a long time. Here are the6 Mistakes that can penalize your site in SEO:

Non-Original Content

Google is stressed over its customers and drives content that are useful and vital to them. So when there are an enormous number of websites with content revolving around a particular subject, how does Google pick the best among them? One model for Google to rank websites is the way of content on these web sites. Extraordinary, unique, and beneficial content that educate and prompt customers are given top priority over reused and duplicate content. As opposed to ripping off copy content, try to make original and critical content to not get pushed behind in search results.

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15 Most Powerful Tips for Keyword Research Like Professionals

Doing keyword research or keyword analysis is no doubt fun. This is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization, where everything related to organic search ranking is based on keywords, so you should know how to do it professionally. If you are new in SEO, then it takes time to hands on the keyword research, but if you want to know how to perform keyword research like a professional, then this article could help you a lot. Here, we have given fifteen most wonderful tips that help you perform keyword research or analysis like a professional SEO specialist.

This is not an issue for everybody, but an issue for moms or dads who run their own website or blog and do not know the fundamental of SEO. They might get bored and feel ridiculous searching the appropriate keywords for their posts. Let us describe in brief with an example. If you were a dog lover or a pet owner, then certainly things would come to your mind like, dog collar or pet food. Let us take dog collar. Let us take a basic search. When you type dog collar in the Google search box, you will get many websites almost 20. It means putting the keyword – dog collar you got those results.

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11 Instagram Marketing Strategies Every Brand Needs To Know

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the ultimate platform for you to share your day with. You can upload thousands of pictures and videos on Instagram and let people know about your daily routine. But if you think Instagram is only about uploading visuals, you’re wrong because Instagram is also a great place for marketing and publicity. Through Instagram, many youngsters have been making money and promoting their campaigns, etc. As a marketer, there are a few strategies that you need to know for your page to get more followers and so that you can learn more about marketing.

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Your google rankings dropped? Read this!

You used to have awesome rankings for your site, it showed up wherever in the web search tools, and you were accepting heaps of activity that was creating messages, telephone calls, leads, and deals. At that point something happened, you’re not exactly beyond any doubt what, and the leads and deals became scarce. You check your analytics reports and see a sudden and particular misfortune in movement. Presently you’re frightened. You check your rankings, and they’ve gone down or vanished completely. Now you’re not quite recently frightened, you’re panicked. How could this have happened? All the more vitally, what should be possible to settle the issue and get the leads and deals streaming once again?


Rankings can fall for various reasons. Sometimes it’s due to a mistake that could have been prevented. It might have less to do with what you’re doing than what your competition is doing. In other cases, a drop in rankings is the natural and temporary result of an intentional action on your part.

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The Ultimate Guide: How to Start Your SEO Business



The most fundamental question for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – how to start it? If only the answers are as easy as the question itself, things would be easier.

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