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Google Analytics Certification

Alden DeSoto from Google Analytics team today announced the online course for web analytics techniques, Google analytics implementation, administration and analysis tools. The course is offered for free with the name Conversion University and is available in various languages. The lessons are offered in adobe presentation covering the below topics

First Steps
– Covers topics including Introduction to Google Analytics, Interface Navigation, Installing the Google Analytics Tracking Code

Interpreting Reports – Covers topics including Guidelines, Pageviews, Visits, and Visitors, Time Metrics, Traffic Sources and Content Reports

Fundamentals – Covers topics including Profiles in Google Analytics, Campaign Tracking and AdWords Integration, Analysis Focus – AdWords, Goals in Google Analytics, Analysis Focus – Funnel Visualization, Filters in Google Analytics, Regex and Google Analytics, Cookies and Google Analytics, E-commerce Tracking, Analysis Focus – Revenue Metrics, Domains and Sub-domains

In-Depth Analysis – Covers topics including Custom Reporting, Advanced Segmentation, Motion Charts, Internal Site Search, Event Tracking and Virtual Pageviews, The Custom Visitor Segment Variable and Additional Customizations

You can also test your skills by taking the online test which is a proof of your proficiency in Google Analytics. Similar to GAP certification the cost for taking a test is $50 USD and is called as Google Analytics Individual Qualification ( IQ ) Test. And you have to score 75% to call yourself as an Google Analytics Expert. And once you are qualified, your qualification remains current for 18 months from the date that you have passed the test.

Google Analytics is one of the best tool to track the user behavior in the website and measure the performance of our website in search engines. By taking up this course webmasters can learn more about Google Analytics tool and enhance the performance of the site on the internet. All the best for all the proficient Google Analytics users!

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