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Benefits of Geotargeting

Geotargeting, otherwise known as geographical targeting is the process of determining the location of the user who queries the web and delivering different content to the user according to their physical location. The geographic location of the user can be identified by the user’s IP address. The geotargeting process takes place on the server, before the web pages are being sent to the browser.

Whenever a user requests a page, the server searches for the user’s IP address in a database of worldwide IP addresses. By using the database it identifies the country of the user, and then the server fetches the results related to that particular geographic location. Country specific domain name and server location where the site is hosted are the factors considered for this purpose. Simply we can say that this works by getting the search results, reordering those results based on particular language or country and then displaying the reordered search results.

Usually Search engines try to display the most relevant results to the user. The user’s location, language and the way the user accesses the search engine are the factors the search engine considers for finding what information the user is looking for and then find the relevant information. Geo-targeting enables us to focus on a specific country, region, state, city or county, or zip code to reach the targeted customers.


The following are some of the benefits of geotargeting.

  • Geotargeting has the ability to manage traffic effectively.
  • Geotargeting is essential for driving quality traffic thereby increasing revenue of the business.
  • For local businesses that are targeting their local audience, geotargeting is very helpful. It helps them to reach their desired audience. Since the focus is fully on local audience submitting websites in local business listings and search engines are useful.
  • With the help of geotargeting small businesses can be able to compete with large businesses.
  • Geotargeting controls the display of only location specific details thereby offering users only the relevant data.
  • Localization is the another important use of geotargeting.
  • Geotargeting has a wide spread use in the field of online trade.
  • Online advertising has wide reachability throughout the world. If you wants to target a specific region, you need to do geotargeting. For example, a particular ad will be shown only to people from certain region, or different ads will be shown to people from different countries.
  • Geotargeting has the ability to attract more customers than any other type of marketing.
  • It is helpful for small businesses and local service providers.
  • Geographically targeted ads can effectively increase click through rates and return on investment.

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