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Google Analytics Conference India 2009

Following the SearchMasters 2009, Google have recently announced Google Analytics Conference in India. This is an open event for anyone who is interested in learning about Google Analytics.

The event will feature presentations from various in-house product experts, as well as from the first three Google Analytics Authorized Consultants in India.

Event Speakers include Jesse Nichols – Google, Mountain View, Pooja Srinivas, Rajiv Mohan, Deepak Kumar, Neha Jain, Koti Ivaturi and Amit Singh from Google India. The event also features speakers from Google Analytics Authorized Consultants from India.

Date and Venue
August 08, 2009

Google India Pvt Ltd
8th and 9th Floors
Tower C Building No.8
DLF Cyber City
Gurgaon India

Main Phone: +91 124 451 2000
Main Fax: +91 124 451 2100


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3 comments on “Google Analytics Conference India 2009
  1. Softlogic says:

    Sure every SEO people must attend this conference

  2. burn says:

    I have missed that by far. Can you tell me when google is going to schedule there next conference in India.

  3. Christian says:

    Yes, I missed to.. I want to know when the next google analytics conference will be.

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