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Which Current Practices Influence Your Brand SEO?

Ranking for high-volume keywords is becoming tougher by the day in Virginia. It is partly due to the general rise in population and partly due to the increasing number of enterprises in the state. As the competition is becoming fierce, a number of business websites are using strong SEO tactics to secure top ranks in the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). If you have tried and failed to reach out to a target audience with the help of generic keyword research and link building, it is time for you to consider something more specific. Visit the Virginia SEO Clientsurge website to learn more about the latest trends of SEO in the state.

Why does Every Virginia-based Business Require a Touch of SEO?

One of the principal things a website owner needs to know is the search intent of potential customers. Your VA Company should find out how the consumers are using your site. Are the visitors using your company site to research their buying options? Are they subscribing to your newsletters? How long are they spending on the sites and which pages are they visiting before making a purchase? These are a few questions that will help you find out the strongest performing pages and the dead weight on your VA domain. Seeking help from professional SEO  services can provide you with the latest sets of data that can help you understand all the attributes of your site that need rework.

Following the Website Metrics

No matter which audiences you are targeting, you need to pay attention to your website’s current parameters. Your site’s statistical analysis can open new windows of opportunity for you to improve your website’s organic traffic flow and conversion rates. Now, almost all webmasters understand that tracking a site’s traffic flow is not enough. There are different categories of traffic depending on where the visitors are coming from and what percentage of them convert. Therefore, one needs to pay attention to their social media presence, paid ad campaigns, inbound links as well as long-tailed keyword research to ace the SEO game. Knowing the specifics of your site’s real-time metrics gives you the super-power to tailor your SEO campaign for your Virginia-based company.

Staying up-to-date with Future Tech

As of now, research shows that using third-party SEO services can help a new company stay on top of the latest SEO techniques. Here, you must remember the current impact of voice assistant searches and smartphone searches. Tomorrow’s tech including AR, VR, and IoT are around the corner. Your website needs to adopt a flexible structure and easy navigation that is conducive for cutting-edge technology. These new techs will not only shape the future of Google search but also inspire new trends of website design that relies more heavily on user experience than the sites of today. Additionally, they will influence digital marketing techniques that will fuel paid traffic as well as organic traffic.

Remaining in Sync with Google Algorithm Changes

Google releases over 500 algorithm changes per year. The search engine is not to blame. With the changing face of the industry and the paying audience, it is difficult for the algorithm to stay still. The pending major algorithm update from Google might change the way SEO looks and behaves today. That is the very aim of these updates that make searching the web for particular information, products, and services easy for the users. Aside from the cons, any change in the algorithm can open new windows of opportunity for business sites to present new ideas and target a new audience. Any business in Virginia can achieve that with a little guidance from the experienced SEO agency.

Focus on Featured Snippets

Featured snippets were the ice-breaker for SEOs in 2018, and it will continue to do so this year as well. Apart from the regular snippets, Google has also introduced multi-intention search results, and the ‘People also Ask’ sections in the SERP. With the evolution of voice searches and mobile searches, SRL real estate is becoming trickier to acquire by the day. The only way to stay ahead of time is by preparing for these search result updates. Other than emphasizing the use of long-tailed, high volume keywords, you should also be able to study and deconstruct the current search results that are making it to the featured snippets section. A significant rise in data collection devices like Google Home demands direct answers in the form of snippets. It is the chance for every brand to work on their product descriptions, FAQ, How-To guide and reviews sections to answer the most critical product or service related questions their visitors ask.

There Should be no SEO Without CRO

Another critical change all business websites have to adopt is the matrimony between SEO and CRO. CRO is conversion rate optimization that focuses on shortening the consumer journey between their respective landing pages and the final registration or subscription or buying step. SEO without CRO is not value-adding for a business. It is similar to sending out a bunch of invites to random people and the party host doing nothing once they RSVP. You need to have the site infrastructure to welcome these responders and keep them on the site long enough to incite interest. Conversion does not always mean sales, but all steps that can generate new leads for a website.

Content will Always Remain, King

As we arrive at the point of holding a visitor’s interest, we cannot help but move to the question of content creation.

  • Does your current website have an impressive collection of value-adding content?
  • Do you have a dedicated source of original content that contains the targeted long-tailed keywords?
  • Do your visitors spend time scrolling down the page and reading a bit before moving to the next page?
  • How many of them read the description before buying the product or services?

Content is still relevant in 2019 for entirely optimizing a site. Without a robust content strategy, it is impossible for any website to increase its conversion rate. It often pays small businesses to work in coordination with third-party SEO and content management companies to improve their site’s usability.

It is time to set your SEO goals for 2019 and find out how your website can benefit from the new strategy.

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