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The All New Google Image Search

At present Google has added many features in SERP’s to make the visitor more comfortable for finding a search query. Its revolutionary change in image search make the visitors to love more Google than before. Now we can choose the size of images as we want. It gives options like Medium, Large, Icon, Larger than and Exactly.

We can also choose the color of the images of our own. If we need a black & white mobile phone image, we don’t have to mention in query box as black & white mobile phones. By clicking the “black & white” in the left panel we can get such images. It makes the visitors work easy and simple.

Sites with Images:

After releasing the new appearance and more search options, Google added a new search filter named “sites with images”. By this we can view search results for sites with lots of images. Each result will now include a strip of images from the website, so we can get a better preview of what each page has to offer.

For example, we type mobile phones in search query and click the “site with images” in the left panel. , The results will show sites with images and contain a row of images above the search results, with a title, snippet and the number of images that matched the keyword on that page.

By showing the images in search results we can choose a better web page to visit, when we are searching rich sites with images. Doing such drastic changes Google never fails to attract its visitors.

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