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Google Rolls Out “Social Search”

Google intoduces Social Search which was under experiment in Google labs, now its available in Google. By using public Google profile, Google builds Social Circle for our account that includes people we follow on Twitter or Friendfeed and also contacts from Gmail account. Google will also use your Google Reader and include sites you subscribe to in your search results.

Google also adds two additional feature to this.,

  • My Social Circle
  • My Social Content

“My social circle” displays the user’s online contacts & their mode of connection, such as via blogs or personal web pages. “My social content” shows what websites Google uses to enrich the Social Search results of your contacts.
Google extended the Social Search concept to its image search service also, that highlights relevant images from Flickr and other sites shared by their friends.

Screenshot with new option “Social” that includes “My Social circle” and “My social content”

Results from people in your social circle

You can checkout the video Google Social Search Feature for its demonstration.Try this interesting new feature and share the same here.

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    This will be fruitful as it will help in increasing online site interaction to the visitors. Social circle and content will be a great step.

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