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Best of Yahoo’s Features Where Google has to Focus

We know that Yahoo is one among the oldest of all search engine . I never heard of anybody saying Google was not good in everything. Atleast you might have astonished any one feature of Google in your life. But, Yahoo is rocking in some area. I really want to check it out those feature it they are provided by Google.

Yahoo Site Explorer:

  • Most of the Webmaster would love this feature.
  • An amazing tool to find out the backlinks of our website and others as well.
  • ‘Link:’ to find out backlinks of Google – never provide exact number of backlinks.

Yahoo Questions & Answers:

  • Good place for many to ask their questions.
  • Really a good service from Yahoo, yet Google needs more concentration on this.

Yahoo Local Business Listings:

  • Though Google providing local business listing details via Google Map, Yahoo was good.
  • Yahoo providing the essential details about any business.


  • The best source for anyone to share images, was absent in Google.
  • Currently, Google developed ‘Google Buzz’ for G-mail users for sharing Videos, Photos. But we have to wait to see the feature of Google in this.

Yahoo Entertainment:

  • I prefer to use Yahoo Entertainment for latest news about films, celebrities.
  • Though Google entertains all users with its search features, it fails to give us separate source for Entertainment.

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  1. IT services says:

    wow what a features u have suggeted for google,I think you are completly right.

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