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Yahoo Search Now Powered By Bing!!

Many surprised when this news came to media – Bing going to take over Yahoo search.  Its been eight months since the announcement of the search partner ship by Yahoo and Bing made. Now, Microsoft’s Bing officials might be thinking this is the right time to implement changes. Next time when you do any search in Yahoo, pay more attention to Yahoo SERP. Yes, Bing started giving search result in Yahoo SERP.

Here is the official announcement from Yahoo about this implementation,

Yahoo has started testing the integration of some of its search and sponsored search services with Microsoft.

  • As part of this testing, Yahoo! may share with Microsoft your search query, IP address, anonymous information from your web browser.
  • Microsoft will use this information for search product improvement, research and analysis, to provide more relevant search results and search advertising
  • Yahoo! results provided by Microsoft’s Bing search service to provide an enhanced search experience to you.

So Bing and Yahoo SERP alike now?
Then next big question will arise in our mind, does SERP of Bing and Yahoo showing similarity? Really an serious issue for any SEO. I did some queries and compared it – yup, they showing similarity.

Yahoo SERP for the keyword – “read online books”

Bing SERP for the keyword – “read online books”

The very good news for any SEO is that – doing SEO for Google & Bing – is enough now to get rankings in all three major search engines (upto some extend).

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