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Why hire PPC Management Experts

The competition is always stiff between SEO and PPC for generating traffic to a website.  Google keeps changing algorithms to ensure that websites are of good quality and companies have to work with moving goal posts to get the traffic

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Bing Launches Disavow Links Tool

The search engine penalties are increasing more common these days and many website owners concern a lot about ‘bad links’ that point to their site online. They think that the frequent linking from the poor quality sites could have a

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Hitwise : Bing Nabs Google’s Search Share Over Past Year

Though Google remains the most dominant search engine in the U.S., a recent report from Experian Hitwise shows that the market share of Google has dropped in the last 12 months. The shares of other popular search engines like Microsoft

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Bing Partners with Britannica to Bring its Own Knowledge Graph

Last week, Bing introduced some notable tweaks to its user interface. Following this, Bing announced that it has partnered with Encyclopedia Britannica to present information that is more related to a search query on its search results page. Bing said

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Google Leads April 2012 U.S. Search Engine Ranking

comScore, a global leader in measuring the digital marketing landscape, has recently released its qSearch report of the U.S. search market in April 2012. Google sites topped the U.S. search engine ranking list in the explicit core search market. comScore

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Microsoft Revamps Bing Search Results Page

Microsoft has redesigned its Bing search results page by removing the unnecessary cluttered items from the page. This fresh simpler look is an effort to help users scan results more easily and navigate more smoothly than before. The “Bing Team”

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Bing Testing New Local Search Layouts and SERPs Design

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, has been testing new changes and designs for the past few months. Recently, Bing is testing new layouts for the local search listings and the design of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It is confirmed

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Its Official: Google Uses Social Signals in its Search Algorithm

Each Search Engine has its own search algorithm to rank webpages, Google uses over 200 signals to rank pages in search results and Bing also uses an algorithm in ranking. But in recent days social networking sites like facebook and

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Yahoo Search Now Powered By Bing!!

Many surprised when this news came to media – Bing going to take over Yahoo search.  Its been eight months since the announcement of the search partner ship by Yahoo and Bing made. Now, Microsoft’s Bing officials might be thinking

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A Few Useful Advance Search Operators From Bing

Google supports a number of advanced search operators that helps the user to make specific queries and doing some great help to SEO as well. Recently Microsoft’s Bing offers some advanced operators for effective searching. It contains some operators like

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