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Enhance your PPC Campaign with Four Smart Rules

Most online businesses today make use of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns! Are you using one? And are you still experiencing very low click-through rates along with conversion rates? If yes, the chances are that your ad copy has issues and you

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3 Reason to Choose a Best PPC Management Company

SEO is a slow process in which competitive businesses find it hard to wait and get the rankings they desire. PPC as a tactic works faster than SEP and unleashes the potential to deliver very targeted traffic to a site.

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Why hire PPC Management Experts

The competition is always stiff between SEO and PPC for generating traffic to a website.  Google keeps changing algorithms to ensure that websites are of good quality and companies have to work with moving goal posts to get the traffic

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5 Actionable adwords tips for PPC managers

Building a good PPC campaign requires a lot of work. Companies and managers should work towards building a solid account structurally; understand how effective their navigation tools work and using existing data on performance to improve performance and reporting. A

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Global Paid Search Analysis Spending for Q1

Covario, the largest provider of search marketing services and management solutions, has recently released a report on Global Paid Search Spend Analysis. The report gave insight into paid search in the first quarter of 2012. The analysis found that the

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Google Enhances Adwords with New Features

Google has recently introduced two new tools and updated an existing feature in its Adwords product. The new upgrade will definitely give marketers greater control over location targeted ads. Google Adwords is Google’s advertising product that displays the ads of

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Google Replaces Yellow AdWords Background with Pale Purple AdWords Background

Over the past few years, we have seen the Google AdWords sponsored links above the organic results have been displayed with a yellow background. Recently Google has revamped its background color to Pale Purple. Google has been testing the color

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Google’s Recent Enhancements In Its Paid Advertising

Google would love to do changes in their natural search results regularly as well as it tends to satisfy their advertisers by providing regular enhancements to the AdWords interface as well as in the paid search results. Recently Google AdWords

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Goodbye to Google AdWords Report Center

Earlier this week, The Google AdWords blog announced that they will be moving the Report Center into the Campaigns tab. As of now, Google moved some of the reports from the Report Center to the Campaigns tab, also it is

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Google Testing Different Colors For Adwords Background

For the past few months, Google is constantly flipping the background colors for the Sponsored Links section in the SERP that feature ads. In the month of May 2010, you would have noticed continuous updates in Search Engine Roundtable blog

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