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Google Testing Different Colors For Adwords Background

For the past few months, Google is constantly flipping the background colors for the Sponsored Links section in the SERP that feature ads.

In the month of May 2010, you would have noticed continuous updates in Search Engine Roundtable blog on changing the ads background. It was also reported on 2008 that Google Testing Green Backgrounds & Turns Directory Ads Green followed by Google Testing Pink Background For AdWords Ads in 2010.

Now from changing the Google Directory Ads from Green they have started testing it in SERP. You can find the details on the colors that they have been working around below,


Google Adwords Green Background


Google Adwords Blue Background

Pale Blue



Post your views in the comment section on the color that you feel will be ideal to replace the existing color Pale Yellow or your thoughts on flipping it.

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2 comments on “Google Testing Different Colors For Adwords Background
  1. Karthick says:

    I would prefer Blue color that will be ideal

  2. Tattoo tatouages says:

    Would be curious to have the infos on the CTR though i’m not sure it differs that much. Anyway I’d personally have a shot at pale blue and blue, pink looks like a warning

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