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Google Enhances Adwords with New Features

Google has recently introduced two new tools and updated an existing feature in its Adwords product. The new upgrade will definitely give marketers greater control over location targeted ads.

Google Adwords is Google’s advertising product that displays the ads of the advertisers for people who look for products or services on Google. The ads are created based on the keywords related to the marketers’ businesses. They are displayed when target customers search for these products or services.

The optimized Adwords offers greater services through features such as zip code targeting and Location insertion. It also improves the existing Advanced Location Targeting feature.

Richard Holden, Google product management director said, “These set of features will give advertisers more control over how they target advertising locally. It also gives consumers higher quality ads by giving them the right ad at the right time.”

Zip Code Targeting

Zip code targeting is the targeting of ads geographically based on the visitor’s zip code. This feature analyzes the IP address of the searcher and displays ads based on the location. Google will let marketers specify zip codes within the US and advertisers will be able to target upto 1000 zip codes at a time with Adwords Location Targeting.

Zip Code Targeting feature in Google AdWords

Marketers can also analyze data and measure the performance of their ads with the help of performance statistics at the zip code level.

Location Insertion

Advertisers no longer have to create multiple ads for multiple locations. Location insertion is a feature that allows advertisers to create a single custom ad for all locations. Adwords will automatically insert the city name, zip code and phone number of the appropriate business location of the advertisers right when the ad is displayed. This feature will particularly be useful for large companies with multiple branches around the country.

For example, if the text of the ad says, “Find a {lb.city:Local} Store or Shop Online”, then a user viewing this ad in Chicago would see it as “Find a Chicago Store or Shop Online”.

Location Insertion feature in Google AdWords

Holden said, “Advertisers can set up different campaigns targeted to different destinations from one source location and they can come up with more specific ad creative.”

Google has also made four enhancements to its existing Advanced Location Targeting feature. These include rewording the platform, displaying ads to people in a location regardless of the search subjects, more control over Location Targeting on Google’s Display Network and changes to Advanced Location Exclusion.

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