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7 Checklist for a Successful PPC Campaign

Adwords novices usually create few Adwords ads with enthusiasm, expecting quick returns. If this has not occurred within a few days or the ads have been deactivated by Google, then we give up disappointed.

In most cases only one or two things to be changed so that a campaign can become a complete success.

For this I have given the following seven checklist:

1. Checklist for your keywords

2. Checklist for Adwords Ads

3. Checklist for Pricing Strategy

4. Checklist for your Landing page

5. Checklist for your product or service

6. Checklist for your Adwords Account

7. Checklist for your Quality score

Adwords Account Checklist:

1. Check whether your campaigns are organized by topic?

2. Have you targeted the right languages and locations?

3. Have you created highly specific ad groups?

4. Check you have avoided duplicate keywords across your ad groups?

Pricing Strategy Checklist:

1. If your avg ad position is below 5.0 then try to increase their bid and their ad position.

2. Increase your daily budget even if your budget should not have been exhausted yet. Increase it above the value recommended by Google.

Adwords Ads Checklist:

1. Are you using the keyword in title?

2. Does each keyword have its own Adwords ad?

3. Are you using proper call to actions such as buy, order, and purchase?

4. Have you created different ads for the same ad group to test?

5. Have you included the most relevant information about your business?

Keywords Checklist:

1. Are you using specific keywords? (Ex: “car repair ford ford Chicago” instead of “car repair”)

2. Are you bidding on keywords that consist of one, two or more words? Potential customers will not search for one word keyword.

3. Check your keyword matching options. If you are not using, add phrase and exact match which would increase the click through rates of your ads.

4. Add negative keywords to your list. so that your ads are not displayed for irrelevant keywords.

5. Check whether you have added all possible keywords.

Quality Score Checklist:

1. Have you checked how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a user’s search query.

2. Do you have a quality landing page?

3. Check whether you have a good keywords CTR?

Landing page Checklist:

1. Are you using split testing to continually test and optimize your destination page?

2. Have you linked to the page on your site which provides the most accurate information about the product or service in your ad.

3. Have you provided information without requiring users to register?

4. Have you clearly defined what your business is and does?

5. Is your landing page provides an easy path for users to purchase or offer in your ad?

6. Have your landing page loaded quickly? If your landing page is loading slow which deters visitors from staying.

7. Check whether you are using any pop up links and poor back button functionality?

Checklist for your Product or Service:

1. Are you bidding on expensive keywords to sell a product or service with a low profit margin? You should either find less expensive keywords or adjust the price of our product or service.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected here.

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