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The Art of SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting is a skill of writing expert content that appeal to the reader as well as to search engines. If we stuff the web page with keywords in order to achieve top rankings in search engine results we’ll be considered as spammers. Otherwise if we miss to include the important keywords that the users commonly search for, then we will lose rankings in the search engines for those important search terms. The key to effective SEO Copywriting is to keep the balance between copywriting for readers and copywriting for search engines. The effective SEO Copywriting helps thereby increasing both search engine rankings and conversions.

Relevance of the keywords

We should make sure to use relevant keywords on the site. This is the basic thing since the keywords are the search strings that visitors use when they try to search for a site and it is also used by search engines use to identify the theme of the site when visiting the thousands of sites on the net.

Keywords Positioning

We have to make sure the keywords are meaningfully and properly scattered on the web content instead of placing them in single concentrated location. We should position the keywords strategically. The benefits of using the best keyword phrases will reinforce a website’s chances with search engines top rankings.

Quality Content

Since content is the key for any website, writing a compelling and targeted content will help increase conversions and leverage competitive advantage. Keeping the message narrow enables us to target responsive audience to our site. This would help to attract higher qualified buyers for the products or service. We should write pages that clearly and accurately describe the content. The job of the good SEO copywriter is to make the content easer to find in the search engines at the same time keeping the informational flow. Here are some of the tips for effective SEO Copywriting.

  • Use the keyword in title
  • Place the keyword in page title using <h1> tag
  • The keywords should appear in the most of the paragraphs
  • Emphasize the keyword with Bold
  • Use the keywords in Meta tags also.
  • Put keywords in File names.
  • Form the title with very attractive colors, font size and critical words that attract the eyes of passerby
  • The content should be action specific. There should be clear steps that readers can follow to pursue our conversion goals.
  • Avoid endless columns of text but use short paragraphs
  • Make the copy interesting to the readers
  • Trigger the emotions of the reader in all possible ways with vivid descriptions

If done properly, SEO Copywriting can achieve rankings that tend to do well across the search engines. The importance of SEO Copywriting lies in the fact that it should bring lot of people from the search engines to the website.

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