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Emerging Social Media Trends And Does Social Rank Really Help Improve Rankings?

Social Media is a rapidly evolving architecture of business. It is a new world of conversation, networking and influence. In this new era, businesses need to understand where and how to compete for the future and they need to find

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Google Boost, A New Advertising Channel for Local Businesses

Google launches it’s new Beta version “Boost” an advertising solution which will help local businesses connect with potential local customers. Google already has “Google Places” a free advertising platform for local businesses where they claim their local business which will

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Sizing Up Your Competition – An Essential Part Of SEO Campaign & Online Business

Sizing up the competition is most important step for any business to achieve competitive advantage in their market. Competitive analysis helps to identify the real competition, determine the competitive advantages and disadvantages and to develop a strategic planning process. If

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Fresh Content, How Does It Improve Search Engine Rankings?

“Fresh content brings higher Search Engine Rankings” and “Search Engines love fresh content”. These are the SEO maxims that we can often hear from SEO world. It is obvious that fresh content attracts human visitors. But do search engines also

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Top 5 Product Review and Price Comparison Websites

Product reviews help consumers make the best decisions when looking for a product to buy online. A quality review website will offer sincere, unbiased opinions of products. There are plenty of product review sites online and finding quality website review

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Guest Blogging for SEO Benefits

Guest blogging is a method of writing blog post to be published on other blogger’s blog to increase the blog traffic. Guest blogging can be meant in two ways. Someone you accept to post on your blog or writing a

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Facebook Fan Pages – Marketing Tips

Facebook Fan page is the simple interface to create a public profile in Facebook that enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users or simply “Profile for Brand”. Facebook fan pages are visible and indexed by search

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Google Places, A New Name for Google Local Business Center

Google renames it’s ‘Local Business Center’ as ‘Google Places’. This is largely a name change with the addition of some new features. Google wanted to connect the businesses with the recently created Place Pages. According to Google, there are already

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Web 3.0 and Semantic web

The Semantic Web is an evolving development of the World Wide Web. If web 2.0 is about linking people then web 3.0 is about linking data. Web 3.0 is a web in which data is linked to give more meaningful

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Some Common SEO Pitfalls that must be Avoided

Many sites find difficulty in getting into the index of search engines. The problem may be due to URL structure, poor website design and backend programming. There are lot of other common mistakes that we need to get rid of.

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