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Facebook Fan Pages – Marketing Tips

Facebook Fan page is the simple interface to create a public profile in Facebook that enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users or simply “Profile for Brand”. Facebook fan pages are visible and indexed by search engines since it is not behind a login. You can include link in Facebook page and you can get a valuable link to your site from Facebook. Like Twitter, you can send easy updates or messages about your new products to your fans. Your fan page becomes viral when a user joins your Fan page and stories linking to your Page can go to their friends via News Feed and most importantly you can join conversation and interact with your fans. Creating a fan page is very easy and free.

Tips for creating a successful Fan Page for your Brand

Custom Tabs

Custom tabs are custom landing pages needed to focus important elements of the page. We can create custom tabs like photos, videos and discussion. Using custom tabs, you can control on what page different types of users land on. So that you can create sub-pages with specific focus. Customized tabs can be added with the help of FBML App provided by the Facebook. You can find the entire tutorial on how to add tags using FBML app is discussed in detail in the blog post “Facebook Fan Page Apps That Work“. Here is an example of a custom tab with links to pages of a site,

Keep fresh content

By updating fresh content, users can come back to your page frequently. This can be done by consistently updating the content with feeding automatically your blog post content, use widgets to update Youtube, Flickr updates, use services that will update all the other social network activities like Twitter and Facebook.

Convert new visitors into fans

Instead of sending users directory to the wall of the fan page, they should be directed to the call to action to become a fan. Because for the first time users that are entering your fan page may feel intimidate without knowing exactly about your brand other necessary info. So it is always better to lead the first time visitors into a more controlled environment to a little background about your company, and give them a great reason for joining.

Join the conversation

The success of the Facebook fan pages depends on how the fans are interacting or engaging. The two way dialog is the basic notion for the social media. Join the conversation by way of commenting back to their comments, posting a question, offering an interesting poll. Otherwise you will lose to your competition who is engaging well regularly with the customers.

Give something special to Fans

Contests are a one of the great marketing tool to increase the potential fans to our profile page. Apart from contests you can offer incentives that are specific to fans like Free shipping for fans, exclusive product coupon for fans. They will tell their friends about your brand and chances are high to develop the fan base.

Facebook provides great interaction tools to communicate with your people and add value to the community. Your consistent attention to your brand page will defenitely produce substantial rewards. Many users of Facebook are now realizing that Facebook have excellent discussions and higher interactions than any other network. There are also plenty of other ways to customize fanbook pages but the more time you invest in your fan page the more results it will yield.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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  1. Neuro SEO says:

    Very nice tips. Thanks for contributing it online.

  2. MercyLivi says:

    A lot of really good points. I think interaction is one of the most important keys. Having your customers engaged will not only give you great feedback, but also give the company room for improvement.

  3. chris says:

    Hi Mercylivi,
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, As you said Feedback will definitely help us to improve our services and particularly to know exactly the need of the customers.

  4. Lauren says:


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