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Facebook Apps that Enrich Your Fan Page

Do you think of extending your online business through social media marketing? then it should be done effectively with Facebook fan page. Up to date there are currently, more than three million active fan pages are in Facebook. But not all fan pages get succeed. The page which drives more fans (Likers) to its account are the one that makes count. Its all about how you dress up your fan page to satisfy your fans. Your page should display all your business or product details. But how effectively you display and promote your product page is vital thing here.

There are lot of Facebook applications available to dress up your fan pages. They are like plugins for your page.

Many applications are available for fan pages. But here I am going to describe some popular apps that makes your product more visible among fans.

Static FBML

Static FBML Facebbok App


With Static FBML app you can customize your fan page by adding anchor links, videos, link clickable images, content and so on with the use of HTM and FBML codes (Facebook Markup Language). You can even create a mini site by this app. But only disadvantage is that you need to have some knowledge on HTML and FBML.

Twitter App

Twitter App for Facebook


There so many twitter apps available for pages. But I feel that best among them is one that shares your fan page status to your twitter account. With this app you can share every thing you publish. You can Share status updates, links, photos, notes, and events with your followers on Twitter, directly from your Facebook Page.

Edit Share Settings to Twitter on Facebook page


Here you can choose the kind of things that you like to share on Twitter and Facebook.

Extended Info

Extended Info Facebook App


Extended Info allows you to insert a field of your choice. Here you can use HTML to customize your field. It works similar to FBML but slightly easier than that. After adding Extended info to your page, you need to edit extended-info tab in-order to insert the field,

Here is the list of fields available in Extended Info:

  • Regular (with links)
  • Regular (without links)
  • Category
  • Tags
  • List
  • Video
  • Image
  • Mp3
  • FBML Block
  • Light weight Markup

Let me show you with an example, if I am choosing Regular (with links ) field,

Updated Extended Info Preview and Editor


Likewise you can add images, videos, list of products with simple HTML.

Posted Items Pro

Posted Items Pro Facebook App


Using Posted Items Pro app you can integrate several multimedia applications like Youtube videos, Flickr photos, Mp3 and so on in your page. I think it is a perfect app for one who undertaken their marketing in You tube and Flickr.

Integrate to Facebook page with Posted Item Pro


Fan Appz

Fan Appz Facebook App


Now its time to focus on Fans. The Popularity of one’s fan page estimated with its fans. So we have to spend some time to entertain our fans with polls, quizzes, coupons, prizes and so on. Yes with this app you can create a poll, create a quiz, you can provide them with your product as prizes. I think it is a perfect app to get the direct feedback from your fans regarding your products,

Fan Appz Content



Similar to Fan appZ, Promotion app allows you to make contests and provide coupons and so on. This makes your fans really interactive.

Promotions App for Facebook Fan Page


In this blog, I have described about some popular apps that are best suitable for product marketing. Hope you spend your time worth here. Feel free to point out apps that I had missed out.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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  1. Mercy Livi says:

    Static FBML is really a nice thing and it helps a lot in page customization. Another comprehensive post on how to make facebook work for you, Kudos to you!

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