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How should Businesses deal with online negative comments

In this social era some businesses try to hide from social media which isn’t going to help the progress. The real answer lies in how you use the channel effectively to deal with your potentials.

Social media is a great marketing tool but what happens when there are some negative comments from your customers? Today it is very easy for your customers to leave feedback about the product or service on social and review websites

Top companies monitor the web as well as their social networks for any negative feedback left by their customers frequently. Many websites allow businesses to respond to customers complaints . This will help companies to provide their side of the story. If its in your social community the turnaround time for a response should be really quick.

The steps to be followed to maintain your online reputation can be as follows,

Monitor: Businesses should monitor what’s said about them on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. You have extensive tools like, Google Alerts, Twitter Search, Social Mention, Board Reader to monitor what’s being said about your brand across the internet, and respond to the appropriate comments

Listen to your crowd: Most of the customers feel better if they have some one to listen what they say. Make sure that you listen to what the customers are saying and be productive in solving the issue.

Respond: Once you have spotted the issue, try to fix the problem at the earliest so that the customer feel satisfied. After all customer is the king of all businesses right ? 😉

Spread the positives across. If you got a good feedback about your product/service from any of the customers, make sure your target group knows about them. Check with them if their feed back can be added to your testimonials section.

If you position yourself out there as open and honest, then negative comments are simply a right of passage. How you deal with them will separate you from your competitors. Be honest, Respond – people will also listen.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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One comment on “How should Businesses deal with online negative comments
  1. Phil says:

    Great tips. The company should take the criticism in their stride and work towards rectifying the complaints.

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