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Facebook Launched An Online Safety Page

Facebook is one of the most familiar and the world’s largest social network with over 500 million users. It connects millions of peoples with ‘Facebook Like’ option. This allows individuals to create profiles and dynamically links their information to others easily. Facebook is found to be an essential addition to the web because its social networking experience helps you to share things with huge network of like minded people.

Facebook Safety Page


If you care more about your online security, here is a good news for you from Facebook. Recently, they have a fan page which deals with staying safe on the Internet. You can find ongoing tips and resources about online safety on this new Facebook Safety page. The Safety page is modeled after Safety Center which offers new safety resources for parents, educators, teens and members of the law enforcement community. The Safety Page concentrates on people online security facts like; how they can stay safely on Internet, keep their data secure, valuable educational materials from Internet Safety Experts including the members of Facebook Safety Advisory Board and suitable news coverage. Unlike some of the other social networking websites, there’s no way to see who has visited your profile on facebook. You can also prevent others from providing this functionality. These are some of the safety tips for the Facebook users.


If you like to stay connected with Facebook Safety Page, just like the fan page, you will get the tips and updates of online safety regularly. The launch of the Safety Page came in the wake of demands by privacy activists that Facebook give users of the booming social network more control over the use of their personal data. Facebook initiatives designed to keep users know the up to date safety issues tied to the use of the social network and the Internet.


Still, there are some controversies about the privacy & security in Facebook. But this is a good move by Facebook to give tips about online safety to the users. Getting tips from experts, things to be done to stay safe in online, recent safety news from all around the world – who gonna say no to this. I am going to join the page to get updates. And what about you?


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