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Three Emerging Beta Services in Social Media

Social media sites enable us to publish and access more information through commenting, messaging, sharing etc. In recent days they were working on new features to make it more user friendly. Before these services made live they undergo beta testing to test their functionality.Depending on the feed backs and suggestions given by the users, developers can improve their products for the best use. Here we look at three important services “Digg trends” , “Retweet to share Tweets” and “Brizzly” which is undergoing beta test at present.

Digg Trends:

Digg, the popular social network, introduces a new feature called “Trending”. May be they have got this idea from the success of twitter’s “Trending Topics” . The story with more diggs and comments goes under trending options and that particular story will appear on the homepage for 10 minutes. The digg users can vote or bury within the timelimit, that decides whether the story belongs to homepage or not. Thus Digg Trends allow the stories to go up in homepage faster. One can follow twitter account digg_trends to notify the current digg trends.

Retweet to Share tweets:

After the success of twitter list , twitter implemented “Retweet to Share tweets”. This feature allows users to retweet the stories easier. Usually we edit and write in order to retweet in web(we have an retweeting option only in echofon or other third party apps for twitter). But the “Handy Icon” introduced at bottom of every tweets enhances the retweeting. This new feature helps to share our retweets with our followers and we can also know who retweeted the particular tweet . As like if our follower finds any tweets worth retweeting they may share it. Thus twitter helps the users to save their time in retweeting.

Brizzly, a Social Media Reader from Thing Labs:

Brizzly is a new application that works with Twitter and Facebook as a single account. It has been made public but still in beta testing as its undergoing new feature called “Tweet translation” by single click using google translate(that not available in twitter).

There are many accounts that connect facebook and twitter but brizzly is different as it has following features:

  1. It offers one-click way of retweeting
  2. New feature called “Mute” that helps to hidden the updates of the particular user whom we follow, for the period of time.
  3. It shows pictures and videos inline in tweets so that the users dont have to go to separate page to view them and also helps to make direct uploads.
  4. Recent twitter feature “Twitter lists” are also visible and have an option to save the searches.
  5. One can add up to five twitter accounts in single Brizzly account.
  6. It adds features like URL expansion, groups and IM- like Direct messaging and more.
  7. “Recent Activity” bar that shows what you’ve been doing on facebook recently(not available in facebook)
  8. Additional feature besides twitter and facebook is “Trends and News”. It includes current trends going on in twitter that allow users to submit and revise explanations for these topics.

These Beta Products are innovating the way we share in social networks. Please check out those services, and feel free to share what interested or annoyed you there.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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