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Google Adds Facebook Updates in Real-time Search

Google launched real time search in December 2009 that shows updates from twitter, friendfeed etc. And Google was curious to add updates from other social media sites and added some more sites after the official launch of that feature. Recently Google incorporated “Myspace” status updates earlier this month.

Now it starts integrating information from world’s largest social media platform, Facebook. And most important thing to notice is that Google shows only fan pages of celebrities, events, brands, politicians, etc. and not showing public profiles in their real time updates.

Here is the screen-shot showing Facebook and Myspace updates in Google SERP:

According to Kim-mai-Cutler,

“The key thing to remember, however, is that Google has much more limited access to Facebook’s real-time data than its competitor, Bing. Microsoft has deeper ties to the social network, as an investor in Facebook and as a search provider for the site. Microsoft has the ability to index public status updates, while Google’s access is limited to updates from Pages, which are vehicles for marketing rather than personal content.”

Bing also planned to include real-time updates from Facebook, but it is not yet live on the search engine and Yahoo also announced its tie-up with Twitter regarding real time search. Real time search is getting more hot now and and so always keep your social networks profile attractive and updated.

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