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Its Official: Google Uses Social Signals in its Search Algorithm

Each Search Engine has its own search algorithm to rank webpages, Google uses over 200 signals to rank pages in search results and Bing also uses an algorithm in ranking. But in recent days social networking sites like facebook and

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Yahoo! Site Explorer Reports Less Number Of Links

For past four to five days, the number of backlinks have been drastically reduced, say around 40% of links are lost. Many suffers from same issue and they were discussed in some popular forums too. On checking yahoo suggestion board,

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Online Photo-Sharing Websites That I Like Most

Social media is all about sharing, people started to share everything about them in social media. The one big interesting thing that everyone love to share is photos. There is too many photo sharing sites available to share personal, interesting

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A Few Useful Advance Search Operators From Bing

Google supports a number of advanced search operators that helps the user to make specific queries and doing some great help to SEO as well. Recently Microsoft’s Bing offers some advanced operators for effective searching. It contains some operators like

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5 Firefox Tools That I Use For SEO

One thing I always wonder with Firefox is that it has plenty of add-ons. Though, Google chrome is rocking as a browser still I stick with firefox because of available number of addons in firefox. When it comes to business,

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Two Major Google Failures in 2009 – Google Wave | Google Buzz

In recent years Google has been busy in introducing more experiments and updates. Some come out well with better results satisfying the users. And it is common for all to get unexpected results. After all, Google is doing a business

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Google Adds Facebook Updates in Real-time Search

Google launched real time search in December 2009 that shows updates from twitter, friendfeed etc. And Google was curious to add updates from other social media sites and added some more sites after the official launch of that feature. Recently

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Google Rolls Out “Social Search”

Google intoduces Social Search which was under experiment in Google labs, now its available in Google. By using public Google profile, Google builds Social Circle for our account that includes people we follow on Twitter or Friendfeed and also contacts

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Twitter Vs Facebook: Trending Topics 2009

After the release of Search trends from google and yahoo, Social Media Networks like Twitter and Facebook came out with their own list in the name of trending topics and status updates respectively.I thought it will be an interesting thing

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Three Emerging Beta Services in Social Media

Social media sites enable us to publish and access more information through commenting, messaging, sharing etc. In recent days they were working on new features to make it more user friendly. Before these services made live they undergo beta testing

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