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Twitter Vs Facebook: Trending Topics 2009

After the release of Search trends from google and yahoo, Social Media Networks like Twitter and Facebook came out with their own list in the name of trending topics and status updates respectively.I thought it will be an interesting thing to take a comparative look at both.

Twitter’s Trending Topics:

Twitter Trending Topics

Twitter announced its trending topics 2009 which were divided into the categories New Events, People, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Technology and Hash Tags.

  1. The important crisis about the election in iran made “#iranelection”at the top, “Iran” at fourth & “Tehran” at fifth and most scary word “Swineflu” at sixth place in News event.
  2. Death of Michael Jackson has made a great impact among the public and hence its first among the people section.
  3. “Harry potter” dominated in Movies section as its most awaiting film of the year 2009.
  4. Everyone is fond of “googlewave” and is of no surprise as it is in top in Technology, but i am doubted why not “iphone”. And also Facebook is not featured in Technology, don’t know whether its purposeful omission by twitter.

Facebook Memology:

Facebook, the most famous Social Marketing site has introduced “Status Updates 2009” in the name of “Facebook Memology”.

  1. Its not a surprising one that “Facebook Application”is at top place that includes Farmville, Farm Town, and Social Living since it has 72 million active users. Everyone surprised about the word “Yard” in Top 15 lists and its because of the popularity of “Farmville” FB application.
  2. I dont think “Lady Gaga” which is in 12th position is popular than Barack obama or Michael jackson in year 2009.
  3. The words “Sports”, “Healthcare”,”Movies” “FB”, “Celebrity Death”, “Religion”, “Family” are all general topics. It will be better if the list contains specific word like “Michael Jackson ” or “Billy Mays” in the place of “Celebrity Death”. The Only specific topic found in the list is “Swineflu”
  4. And in 15th place is “I”. Is this really a trend?. And also Facebook related words like “FB Application”, “FML”, “FB”are listed that sounds different.


Facebook and Twitter trends allows you to take a closer look at what the world is thinking in 2009. But I conclude twitter trending topics is the more appropriate since every thing from Iran Election to Michael Jackson and American Idol to Harry Potter trended there. But those trends are not found in Facebook. Finally i can conclude Twitter’s Trending Topics helped us understand what was happening around the world showing us that people everywhere are concerned about important events.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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