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Why Facebook Insights Is The Next Big Social Media Marketing Tool



Facebook is a thriving social media site, and it has become an avenue for many entrepreneurs and professionals for them to grow their business’ reach worldwide. Because of this, Facebook offers additional tools for them to track, maintain and further increase their growth and one of them is Facebook Insights.

In addition, it is also helpful to incorporate your social media marketing efforts such as in Facebook to Google maps marketing, because if Google couldn’t find your page it will recommend your Facebook page on the search results page.

Checking Facebook stats is extremely important in growing a business through Facebook. You can’t imagine investing time and money on Facebook and not tracking your results.

Facebook Insights is a free tool offered by Facebook itself to let you have an in-depth look at how your page is doing for a specific period. It gives a daily, weekly and monthly report that is also compared to your previous performance. It is comprehensive, easy to navigate and clear.

Facebook Insights is probably one of the least likely discovered tools in Facebook marketing because it is not visible until you reach a certain amount of page likes. However, it only takes at least 30 likes to get this feature available on your analytics page. If you are a newbie in Facebook marketing, Facebook Insights might be the best place you want to start with.

Insights Overview

As mentioned earlier Facebook Insights is a feature that only appears when you have gathered 30 likes of your page.

Once you have reached the said number of likes, you will be able to fully see the behavior, changes and movement of your page and its audience. And from there you can derive an on-point content and marketing plans that will help drive more people to your page or to your website itself. If you are also driving for store visits, you would want to incorporate a thriving Facebook Page to your Google map marketing efforts.

The Facebook Insights Page is not just a bunch of homogeneous graphs; it is composed of seven different tabs namely:


The overview page will give you quickly peek of your five most recent posts, and it will give you the figures as to how many people it reached and how many were engaged on each post. It will also show you the post type; if it’s a video, link or image and if you have targeted a specific audience.

If you have targeted a specific audience, say geographically, you will be able to correlate or discover the results of your local maps marketing strategies which Google analytics won’t tell you about.




The Likes tab as the term itself connotes will provide you the how many likes you have gained for the past week and those who unfollowed and “unliked” you.

If you have lost some followership or page Likes, the most obvious reason is that people manually did it, if not, it is Facebook’s doing itself. This happens when Facebook thinks that the page or profile owner is somehow robotic. If you have ongoing ads, it will tell you how many likes you have received from it.

To sum it up, the Likes tab gives you an idea where your page likes came from; whether they are from your ads, on your page itself, page suggestions or “People also like” section, or if page likes itself.

The graph results are customizable depending on the levers (e.g., date) that you are going to tweak. Quite amazing, ain’t it?


The Reach tab gives you an idea about how many people were reached by your post, or how many profile timelines did it appear to.

It will also give you an idea which of your posts made people to unlike, hide or report you as spam. If you are good at researching and delving into details, you will find out why and what makes people do them or change behavior. This will also give you a room to experiment, since you will know which works and which doesn’t.

So in your social media marketing efforts, particularly Facebook, you will be able to avoid the things that scare people away and maintain the things that attract them.


The visits tab will present you two different graphs. One will be about which tab or section have been opened the most. This gives you an idea which pages to improve and which pages to explore for better opportunities.

The second graph is all about the referrals to your Facebook page. This gives you an idea where your Page visitors came from before they got to your page. This is important because you will know which sites pointed to you and how you can improve them to drive more traffic to your page.

The majority of your visits depends on the value of the information that people gets. This also affects your Google SERPs ranking and it will most likely route the end user on the specific page which is most visited by your audience. As mentioned, if you are driving for store visits, make sure to work on maps marketing as well.




The Posts tab will give you an hourly update of each post and how effective they were. It will tell you when exactly is your audience most active, which means you will know the perfect timing of posting.

You will also know which kind of post works, whether it is video, link or photo. It will tell you the average engagement of the audience it reached and how they interacted.


The videos tab will give you will be given details about the average time your audience spends on a video, how many people it reached, how many views and how many of which are just 30-second views.


The people tab will give you an idea about the demographics of your audience, specifically their age and gender.

It is divided into three sub-tabs:

  1. Your Fans

  2. People Reached

  3. People Engaged

Ways Insights Can Help You

There are two basic things that Insights can very much help you with, and they are content and timing.

Posting your content at the right time is just as important as having the right content for the right people. Whether it is a paid ad or a free post, you want it to have as much exposure or reach and engagement as possible.

Facebook, being the biggest social networking medium, is the best tool for you to increase your organic reach, traffic, and likes. And with Facebook Insights by your side, you will know better when to, how to, and what to post. What’s more amazing with this already amazing tool is that it is absolutely for free!

Whether you are a startup with a small budget campaign or a thriving and respected social media marketing institution, you will surely appreciate the power of Facebook Insights in helping you reach your goal.



Facebook offers other tools that are up for grabs and among them is Facebook Insights. It will give you the actual figures about how your ads, posts, and other marketing efforts are doing. It truly stands the meaning of its name- it will give you insights.

So take time, scroll through and you’ll see for yourself what you have missed and realize how you are going to act on each visible opportunity.

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