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What Not To Do in Social Media

Things have changed a lot after the usage of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Friendfeed, Google Buzz etc., Both users and business men make this platform to gain exposure online. Businesses use social media as the best marketing tool to gain reputation and promote their services. But it can easily backfire on you and your business and cause a lot of trouble if you are not careful. Here I discuss a few points that should not be done while using social media websites.


Don’t be highly self promotional

Don’t use social media as a tool only for self promotions. It will damage your reputation in total. Users who completely use their profiles only for promoting their business will merely be considered as spammers. Activities like just posting the same stuffs related to your business or website in a short span of time repeatedly will make followers irritated and you may be blocked by the them. You will totally lose the credibility and trust among your followers. So try to give useful, interesting stuffs and share latest updates in the industry that will interest your followers and this will help to gain more followers.

Don’t be too open

Many people don’t the know difference between the stuffs they should share and which they do not share. They just share any thing they wish to share. But there is always difference public stuffs and privacy stuffs. Confidential details of the company, Privacy files related to clients and other. We can see many employees of the same company discussing about their company’s privacy issues online. This will create many issues and can backfire on the company’s privacy.

Don’t Forget your Online Reputation

Remember that each posts that you share in social media is directly proportional to your reputation. Keep in mind that you will spoil your reputation when you speak negative to your followers or friends in social media. There are many companies which have spoiled their reputation through social media. Proper usage of your business profile is the key factor in social media.

Don’t Forget your Niche

Its not necessary to follow all the persons who follow you or respond to all the friend request that you receive. Anlayse the followers profile before you add them to your list. Its necessary that they belong to your niche. Both you and the followers can be beneficial only if you belong to the same niche.

Don’t Leave it to Happen by itself

Getting online presence through social media is every business owners dream but it will never come true if you think that it will happen by itself. You need to put a lot of work, patience and effort to establish your online presence via social media.

1. Add a profile picture that is more relevant to your business
2. Add a few lines of description about your business or services
3. Don’t forget to drop your website URL,
4. Have a attractive background image with your brand name or contact details in it
5. Use auto feeds that will post your recent blog posts into your social media profiles

Above all the most important factor is that you should be active on regular basis, respond to your customers and followers, and keep your profile updated. Interaction and communication will be the key features in social media.

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