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How To Drive Traffic Using Stumbleupon

There are many ways to get traffic to your site. Be it a direct traffic or organic or PPC or referral. Referral Traffic is one of the important one it as it can be get done only when your content is good. You can get organic traffic if you did quality SEO, but not referral traffic. StumbleUpon is one of the best ways to drive traffic and it gets the most referral visits. Here are few points you can use and keep in mind while getting traffic by StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon Definition:


StumbleUpon is one of the important bookmarking and sharing site which allows to share your favorite sites with the related people who loves those sites. You can add review to the favorite sites so that people can know about it and stumble them. “Stumble” is a word referring like voting to the people. The more you like the more your site get flows.

Related Friends:

In any site, getting friends or followers is very important one. The same applies to this too. You need to get more subscribers here. There are people who will subscribe back to you, if you subscirbe to them. Getting more friends or subscribers means getting more exposure to your site. Addition of friends and subscribing to them gives your profile more worth, thereby making more visitors to your profile and your favorite sites.

Voluntary Subscription and stumbling:

Though, subscribing back can be good option but voluntarily subscribing has most benefits too. Subscribing yourselves to others, and stumbling their articles can get you noted. Stumbling the article of fellow stumblers who are active makes them to stumble back your article which means they are recommending this article to their subscribers. Each stumble gets lot of impressions for the article in turn to the site.

Sharing to friends:

StumbleUpon has an option of sharing to other friends so that they stumble your articles recommending to their subscribers. This is an easy way to promote your articles. The toolbar of stumbleupon has an option of share so that you can send it to your friends with personal message, often it will be a one liner describing the article you share, which makes them to go through it and stumble it.

#USIS Tag:

Stumbling your own articles is strictly prohibited in stumbleupon, the above method helps to get stumbles from friends. But, there is another option that is introduced now which silently says that “I have stumbled your article, do stumble mine”. This is accompolished by twitter tag #USIS. It refers to “U Stumble, I Stumble”. When a person tweets one of your article with this tag, it refers that he stumbled urs, and asks you to stumble his/hers. This way, your articles are recommended to both your subscribers and your followers in twitter.

StumbleUpon Ads:

StumbleUpon Ads are similar to other advertising in social networks but the only difference is it shows the ads to people of same interest. In this way you get targeted traffic, who can become your returning visitors once they like your article. But the advertisement costs are varied with cost per impression and cost per click.


Su.pr is a promotional site from StumbleUpon which tracks the no.of impressions, no. of likes and make the sharing easy way. Its usage it for twitter and facebook updates.It does all the work of StumbleUpon toolbar. Simply put, its a web alternative for StumbleUpon browser toolbar.

Stumble Upon Wiki:

StumbleUpon Wiki has an article base by itself where people can submit their articles and once they are approved they are published. This makes your article visible to millions of people who will visit your site for further information like it. This is another way to get related traffic. Also, if the article is optimised properly, chances are there that they get shown is search results of SERP.

Video Promotion:

StumbleUpon has a option of stumbling videos. Videos has been given a special category which makes that you can show videos regarding your articles, stumble other videos and get yours stumbled. People always like visuals than normal text. Once the videos are presented well you can see huge traffic flowing at the site.

Let me know if you use any other ways to promote a website / drive traffic to your website through StumbleUpon. So share it in comment section.

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  1. fire cracker says:

    Nowadays, stumble is becoming a good social networking tool through which you can share links, favorites throughout the network by making friends on stumble.

  2. Los Angeles Search E says:

    Stumble is a kind of social networking site by which we can populate any type of information around the world by making friends and share information.

  3. billyjobs991 says:

    Hello mate

    Usually, if you leave comments on others blogs that are related or relevant to yours, you stand a higher chance of driving more traffic to your website. So I add you on my site. Thank for nice information you gave

  4. krishna says:

    @billy – I agree with you, Thanks for sharing your comments..

  5. Dominique W. says:

    I have really been trying to understand StumbleUpon for about 3 weeks now. I have added my site to it but I have only gotten 1 view. I am going to stumble other people to see if that helps. It’s rather discouraging to see 1 view after 3 weeks. And that one view was me! lol. But I will definitely start to stumble other people and try to add friends. Maybe it will help!

  6. krishna says:

    @williams- Carry on with your process.. Be active in stumble upon..it helps to drive more visitors,Thanks for sharing your comments..

  7. trafficsoar says:

    Thanks for sharing the information and tips really useful .

  8. Krishna says:

    @trafficsoar Thanks for the comments 🙂

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    Very great article you have posted i liked it very much,it was full of information and was very interesting to read i have also suggested my friends to have look on this website to have the information.good piece of work.

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