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Effects Of Google’s Personalized Search On SEO

Last month, Google announced personalized search by default for all users. Earlier personalized search was offered only for Google account user. But recent announcements show Google can personalize the search for offline users as well. Google’s personalized search is based upon the user activity from an anonymous cookies stored on your browser and the customized results are based upon 180 days of search activity.

So how does this personalized search affect SEO?

Websites who own the top searched queries remains top even in personalized search. The personalized source will bring previous visited websites in the top position, even though their traditional relevance or popularity would not made way to top position. This will somehow help low popular websites to increase their search index ranking.

User experience is crucial to make visitors stick to your website. This favor companies and brands who does not believe in SEO to bring traffic to their websites. Websites with quality content will get benefited using personalized search. This involves more of quality content than customizing your content for important keyword.

I believe purchasing traffic would means a lot in bring organic search traffic from personalized search. Especially with  services like Google Adsense and other paid advertising will lead to organic personalizing metrics. This will indirectly favor Google Adsense and other paid advertising services.

Does personalization means death Of SEO:

No, Google still results normal for many search queries and it remains normal until Google collects requires data to personalise your web search. But the normal search is slowly vanishing with country specific search result. For instance Indian user will see slight different in search result than those in the United States. Even it implies for different cities in a country. Does this mean boom to region based domain extension? As far as now it is certainly unpredictable, as Google is still going with normal search result at many instances. Ultimately to some extent personalization does not affect SEO as they remain important to emphasis on the content. What so ever creating a Good impression is the best way to overcome these scenarios.
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