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Twitter Gets Its Own URL Shortener

Today Twitter announced its very own URL shortener to help fight against scams and security threats. It is a great move for Twitter to stop and prevent the spread of bad activities using Twitter. In a blog post Twitter writes

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Facebook An Avatar Of PPC Advertising

Facebook the largest social networking and second most visited website around the world, with more than 400 million registered user. In recent years Facebook has become one of the hottest place to advertise, due to its wide range of users

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Google Replaces SearchWiki With Star In Search

Google says bye bye to SearchWiki¬† and welcomes Search in Sight. It’s been a year and a half journey¬† for searchwiki from its launch, with quite mixed reaction from search users finally coming to an end. Today Google has made

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Bing Adds Search History To Auto Suggest Search

Bing’s community blog has came with an announced of including search history to its auto suggest search. This feature will support suggestions from your query history and make user to get them where they want to go faster. Bing uses

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Effects Of Google’s Personalized Search On SEO

Last month, Google announced personalized search by default for all users. Earlier personalized search was offered only for Google account user. But recent announcements show Google can personalize the search for offline users as well. Google’s personalized search is based

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Real Time Search Rival: Google vs Yahoo vs Bing

The battle ground to find the best in real time search. Will Google the big daddy defend the Yahoo Bing Duo. Get ready to enter the ultimate battle of real time search. With the recent partnership of Yahoo and Microsoft,

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