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Google Replaces SearchWiki With Star In Search

Google says bye bye to SearchWiki  and welcomes Search in Sight. It’s been a year and a half journey  for searchwiki from its launch, with quite mixed reaction from search users finally coming to an end. Today Google has made an officially announced for its new feature star in search, which lets you to mark and rediscover the web content through search. Below you get to see the image of how starred results look like.

Google Star in search

Once you click the star marker in search results, all the marked results will pile up as a special list and show right top of the window. This feature also enable users to star when they are in a particular page using toolbar. The stored starred results can be retrieved for the previous results, only when you sign in using your Google account.

Uses Of Starred Search:

  • This feature will keep track of  your starred result
  • Avoid bookmarking your favorite site on every search query
  • Starred results are easily organizable and this feature is also available with Google tool bar.

It a decent idea from Google to implement starred results, without changing the order of organic search results. Seems Google is trying to be user-friendly search for its users. Don’t look for the changes as now, as Star in search will be available in some couple of days for all signed in users.

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