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Google Webmaster Tools Adds New Feature To Search Queries

Google has offered many updates to webmaster tools with an immense efficiency in order to improve the website’s visibility in search results. Depend upon the search query, the detailed data of the entire website can be retrieved. In this blog, I would like to share about an additional field “Change” which has been newly included along with the existing columns.

Existing Search Queries Information:

Here is about the “Search Queries” data which provides valuable information about the paricular website. Features include:

  • The top keywords or phrases that your website appears for
  • The number of impressions these keywords or phrases receive
  • The clicks your website receives for these keywords or phases
  • The click through rate (CTR) for these keywords or phrases
  • The average position where your website rank for keywords or phrases

Search Queries with its new feature, “Change”:

Although there were many enhancements added to webmaster tools, Google has added “Change” column for further improvements. This “Change” column has been newly added next to the fields such as impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate(CTR) and avg.position. The information below shows rises or falls in each category.


Search queries with Change feature in Google Webmaster


This new field “Change” has been tied with the date range you spcify, which will help you to pinpoint whenever the changes occurred. This enables webmasters to monitor trends in rankings, click through rates and keywords searches and impression.

Everyone wants their own website to be in perfect manner. These new features will ensure the users for better understanding and to get more beneficial results for their website. Hope all users will enjoy this sophisticated feature and I’m waiting to see the outcome.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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2 comments on “Google Webmaster Tools Adds New Feature To Search Queries
  1. Chris Drum says:

    CTR and Avg. Position change is something that we need to watch out for but what is your thoughts on impression?

  2. Keerthy says:

    @ Chris Here the impression change stands for the changes occur on the basis of the date range we specify; Using the stats we can make further changes for the improvement of the website accordingly.

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