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Google Search Results Update – Suggestion Box

Google is simply awesome in showing search suggestions, I would say it is best among all search engines. Though, they are having that service as better, Google like to make it as best. Here comes another update by Google on their search suggestions.
Google Search Suggestions Updated

Last time, Google did some changes to make them as super-sized , this time they made the search suggestions as more visible by making it as bold one. Here is the over-view about the changes.,

  • Search suggestions become more prominent (Bold in appearance)
  • Google says ‘bye bye’ to number of results displayed for each suggestion
  • “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” button is shown inside the search suggestion box when open.

These updates may sounds very little if you expect Google to rolls our Google Caffeine. But, Google likes to give better experience to the users. They keep doing small changes which, of course occupies a big place in visitors experience.

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