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Google Now Shows Four snippets from a Same Domain

Google has recently made a change in listing out more search results from a same domain. This change has been made only for certain type of queries. i.e this can occur only when the search engine believes that the pages on the domain should be relevant for the search query. This help searchers get to their relevant result even faster. These results will bring targeted visitors directly to the pages they are interested in.

In the past, you can see a maximum of two results from a specific domain. Whereas from now, you can able to see up to four results from the same domain.

Here is an example. If you could have search for the query moma (the Museum of Modern Art), it might have tied up with only two results in the past.

Two Search Results for Moma in Google


Four Search Results for Moma in Google


From the above example, you can find four search results from the same domain has been displayed as a compacted snippets.

Merits and Demerits:

What does this mean for website owners ?

When your website displays four results in the search engine, then you have new opportunities / changes to display the more content and link you have to offer. Get a quick analyze of your website at the searches that give more traffic to your website and then check what pages are now showing up and what your shortened snippet looks. This is the way the website owners can make use of it.

This will be more helpful in getting improved search quality and speed.

Due to this change, it seems the snippets gets shorter though and be limited in a single line. This may cause the lack of understanding the detailed information as the formal rich snippets provide to the users.

Google’s new updates make the users get a better experience. Awaiting of more and more features from Google.

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