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Google’s Real Time Feature Struggles When Twitter is Down

Google launched real time search feature – Its really happy to see fresh updates in Google SERP. Google’s bot becomes more powerful and good to know that it can crawl updates which are posted just few seconds before. Google says that they are showing updates from various sources like Twitter, Freindfeed, Identi.ca, Jaiku, etc.

But, Google tends to show more updates from Twitter. Here is one great example to prove this, Its usual thing for all tweeples to see the page “Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again”. I got this usual error message when I tempt to do status update.

Got a thought of checking Google’s real time feature while Twitter is down. Usually, Google will show fresh updates in the rate of 1update/15seconds; when Twitter is down, Google shows only 3updates/15mintues.

Here is the usual update by Google for the keyword ‘health care’.,

Google's real time updates - Image

Google's real time updates - Image

Less updates by Google when Twitter is down., (for the keyword ‘health care)

Google's updates when Twitter is down

Google's updates when Twitter is down

Updates by Twitter users are always sound in number when compared to other Social Media Networks. But down-time in Twitter really affecting Google’s updating feature. If Google says they are getting updates from many means why this happening?, So you (Google) really depends much in Twitter for this feature?.

Google is well known for its perfection. They are something who still dominating because, they never let them to down for anything. Google definitely will make this real time feature as a better one when it launches Google Caffeine. They might have some kind of ideas to make this feature as more efficient. Google can make anything as possible – you can expect the unexpected from Google.

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