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Google Adds Images To Real Time Search

Google is famous for changing its algorithm continuously to make it better in performance and the other known thing is Google updates, sometimes in loud voice like Google Wave or many times very silently like real time update launch. And this time too, Google has updated a feature very silently. A tweet from a Googler telling the world that they launched this feature. Anyway I like Google and like to have their update too. They started to add images in real time updates, I would say they are adding kind of attraction to their SERP.

A tweet from jeremyhylton first said “images in google real time search are rolling out” and later it was announced in googleblog. Google posts from sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz to updates that link to images.

Google Said:
This week we began rolling out a feature for images in real-time search. When searching for the latest content across the real-time web, you’ll be able to quickly see the images people are talking about right now (based on URLs of those images in their public updates.) To view this new feature, click on “Updates” in the lefthand panel when you complete a search. Then click on “Updates with images.”

After searching for keyword (for instance: lunch) and clicking to see Updates from the left options list, you then have to click new “Updates with images” to see results like the above.

Even though other search engines also providing real time updates, Google is always ahead than them. The “update with images” search filter displays images with recent tweets, recent event and other random images from all over the world. This feature helps online website owners a lot, since they can promote their brand with images.

Google often updates its features and I’m awaiting here for more Google features. Please do share your thoughts in comment section if you have anybody noticed this update.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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