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Drastic Changes in Google Search Engine – 2009

Google as the major search engine to maintain its competency have undergone many updates where few important updates have been listed here.

Google Launches Real Time Search Results to tackle microsoft’s Bing
So finally,Google has launched the Real Time search, as the company has announced. We can get the real time search hapenning just within our search results. Google has enhanced its search features to make microsoft Bing’s search engine head on. It has announced the launch of real-time search that will include real time data updates from sites like Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, MySpace, Jaiku, TwitAmy, among others. The company is also looking forward to add more content from various sites.

Google updates page rank where Twitter profile pages take a beating
Google has updated its PageRank, as it uses the link analysis system to rank individual pages. While some sites have seen increases, virtually everyones Twitter profile page has seen a fall in PageRank.

Google analytics – more Powerful,Flexible and Intelligent
A new set of Google analytic features have been added to the existing one. Some adds more power while others give new flexibility and it can be customized and adopted according to business needs. Latest power features have been added to expand Google Analytics enterprise-class capabilities. Using Google Analytics we can now track traffic to mobile websites from all web enabled devices whether it runs java script or not. Iphone and Android mobile application developers can now track how users engage with apps just as engagement with mobile websites.
Table Filtering feature has been added to arsenal power tools that can be used to perform advanced data analysis which filters results based on metric conditions. Google have launched Analytics Intelligence which will provide automatic alert when significant changes are made in the data patterns of our site metrics and dimensions over daily, weekly and monthly periods.

Google Chrome for linux get major Update
The fastest browser for windows has been getting some major updates at it gets ported to Linux. Chromium is not officially a “Google Chrome” browser, but developed under the wings and support from Google. Chrome is built from Chromium, the distinction is intentionally made perhaps to separate the “Google Chrome” brand. As it is the case with any alpha releases, there are many bugs and unsolved issues with this version. Chromium developers goes as far as encouraging us not to use this version on the default loading page. Though Page rendering is concerned in its alpha stage, Chrome for Linux is the fastest Linux browser available yet.

Google Earth 4.3
Here is an extraordinary software that allows us to make the earth turn and zoom as we like. We can even view in 3D (try to view the Big Canyon, it is striking). We can explore the entire planet! Go and see the imperial palace in Peking, the Golden Gate, explore the Middle-East deserts.We can also take a walk in the region of the big lakes of Canada or to go to the gorges of the Big Canyon.

Google & Bing’s Unequal Facebook Status Update Deals
Google seemingly caught up over status updates from social sites, announcing a deal to get real time information from Facebook. In reality, Bing’s receiving more complete information. Both Google and Bing have greatly desired the “status updates” that users make on social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Updates often contain great content, such as information that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the web. We can see the popular links that are being shared. Updates are essential for anyone who wants to run a real time search service. And when it comes to status update content, Twitter and Facebook have more of it than anyone else.

A Speedier Google chrome for all users
Google has increased its focus on speed and also added some of the most-requested features. Some of these improvements made it into the Beta version that was first released in March, and it continued to improve the Beta since then. Today, Google has moved the Beta version to the stable channel for all users to enjoy.
Some improvements that has been noticed:

  • Improved New Tab Page
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Form Auto Fill

Some Improvements that are’nt immediately visible are:

  • Increased Stability
  • Increased Speed

Google Caffeine – New Search Engine Index
This new architecture for Google includes changes in crawling, indexing and ranking. Google does not just incorporate these changes instead it provided a developer preview and asked web masters and power searchers to try it out and give them a feedback. Caffeine index is entirely a different infrastructure that replace the existing one.
Internet giant Google has announced a major update to its search technology that could force businesses to change the way they operate and market themselves online. This update is a response to Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, which has surprised analysts in gaining a small amount of market share.
Most users won’t notice a difference in search results as the new infrastructure is designed so. But web developers and power searchers might notice a few differences, so it has opened a web developer preview to collect feedback

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