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Embellishment of Sponsored Ads-Google’s Christmas Celebration

Christmas is the most popular,holy and entertaining festival throughout the world. Christmas is near and people all over the world starts celebration with cakes, bells,carols,santas and many more . Now its time for a Google to start its Christmas celebration preceding.

Google have joined the Christmas celebration by decorating sponsored ads column with enchanting design in SERP for a query related to Christmas accessories like “Christmas gifts” , “Christmas” , “Christmas Ornaments” etc.

Let we see this with two examples,


Lets see a Google SERP with a word “Christmas gifts”.


You can see a design in SERP at sponsored column for a word “Christmas” and “Christmas gifts”.

But still there is no design for some words like “Christmas trees” , “Christmas cakes” and so on. Which are also the important accessories of Christmas.


We believe that Google will make changes to these search terms too.

OK now Google starts its Christmas celebration, then what about other major search engines, should they follow a same way as Google did or they exhibit their own way of celebration . Still there are 10 days for Christmas, I am interested to see a Google celebration updates in these days. Let celebrate this Christmas with Google.

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