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Twitter Launched Promoted Accounts

Twitter officially announced that it migrated all of its 100% users to #newtwitter. Well, if you feel like all users going to enjoy the new feature, I would rather say as Twitter gonna enjoy this feature much. If you analyze

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Yahoo Search Now Powered By Bing!!

Many surprised when this news came to media – Bing going to take over Yahoo search.  Its been eight months since the announcement of the search partner ship by Yahoo and Bing made. Now, Microsoft’s Bing officials might be thinking

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Have You Ever Heard About Crawl Delay In robots.txt?

I hope you that you all aware of robots.txt, do you ever checked robots.txt file in major websites?. Check this Delicious robots.txt file, which is used as an example to show the complex & concept of robots.txt file by one

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Enjoy the All New Secured Search from Google

Recently Google launched Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) version to keep your Google search data as secured one. Your search user data, password and your online usage with Google, etc., now become more secured with new SSL feature. Visit the secured

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Google SERP Update – Virtual Keyboard

Now, Google allows you to search anything easily with the help of their new virtual keyboard. Literally, Google asking you to keep away from your keyboard. This virtual keyboard almost resembles the Google virtual keyboard API which was launched in

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Google PageRank Update – April 2010

After almost three months, Google updates its PR again. This is the first update by Google in this year. Last time, it did update on December 31 which you can call as new-year gift to webmasters. This time, Google does

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Do you think Bing is Good in Search Auto Suggestions?

Apple ready to use Bing as default search engine in iPhone, third largest search engine by usage in US (yield 0.6% increase in Search Engine Market share in January 2010 ) – things are happening in Microsoft’s way after the

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How to do Forum Posting Effectively?

Forum is the right place to share, ask questions and  also the better place to do online-debate. Most of SEO’s will do this for the sake of backlink’s. Dude, there is more there than backlink. Yep, its a good way

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Google’s Real Time Feature Struggles When Twitter is Down

Google launched real time search feature – Its really happy to see fresh updates in Google SERP. Google’s bot becomes more powerful and good to know that it can crawl updates which are posted just few seconds before. Google says

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AdMob acquisition – Why did Google make this move?

Leader in search engine business, single company which is holding 84.5% search engine market share, is all set for its 56th acquisition. Well this time it acquires AdMob for $750milllion., its a usual thing for Google to acquire leading innovations

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