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Do you think Bing is Good in Search Auto Suggestions?

Apple ready to use Bing as default search engine in iPhone, third largest search engine by usage in US (yield 0.6% increase in Search Engine Market share in January 2010 ) – things are happening in Microsoft’s way after the bi(n)g change.

Bing earning more market share as a search engine, Google lost 0.3% (from 65.7% to 65.4% i.e., -0.3% ) Search Market Share (December 2009 Vs January 2010) but Bing surprisingly increased their market share from 10.7% to 11.3% (+0.6%) in January 2010. Bing makes the users to feel fresh with their attractive images daily but is has to do more to satisfy users.

Search Suggestions:

Lots of funny blogs is there about Google’s auto-suggestions. It killed Yahoomail, Bill Gates and reported Facebook was slow. I would say that even though Google showing funny suggestions, it satisfies the users. Though some are funny, it shows the relevant too..!

Bing done a major mistake:

Bing was clever in many things, basically I am a big fan of Bing Image searches. While it doing something as perfect, it forget to expand it to others areas. Recently, I came across a blog about one complaint about Bing’s best match information from the website Car Parts Warehouse.
Though Bing has rectified that issue, Bing should have been careful with issues like this. In this blog, I like to share you something interesting about Google & Bing’s search suggestions. The auto-suggestions by Bing sounds it doing another mistake like ‘Bing’s best match information’, hope Bing will take care of this issue also.


Everybody was not good in typing – humans are not machines to do everything without mistakes. But we expect others to do things as correct and accurately. Likewise, we expect search engines to give exact suggestions to us even though we typed as wrong.

I had a thought of checking Bing’s auto-suggestions and did some queries. The search queries used by me might be un-common error. Things done by me is to check the suggestions of SE’s. I didn’t mimic the common human typing errors.

  • SEOMoz:

Its usual for anybody to consider things which are related to their area when it comes to experiments, I would say Im not an exception in this. I have cleared all cache, cookies, disabled my Google customization before trying these things).

Google: Google cleverly understood that I am asking for SEOMoz though I have typed as SEOOMoz.
Bing: Still, I am not able to figure out why Bing showing this suggestion. Where is the correlation with my query. At least it should have shown SEO-related stuffs. But this is not-fair.

Google SERP for the query ‘seoomoz’ :

Google SERP for the query seoomoz

Bing SERP for the query ‘seoomoz’ :
Bing SERP for the query seoomoz

  • Sun CEO Resignation:

The resignation of Sun CEO in haiku style via Twitter was the simple best example to show the Social Media Creativity. Lets ask Google and Bing whether they know this or not.

Google SERP for the query sun ceo tesigns


Bing SERP for the query sun ceo tesigns

Bing might have unaware of this. Please somebody ask them to subscribe Mashable.

  • Twitter Hack By Iranian Cyber Army:

Twitter hacking was the big issue done by Iranian Cyber Army, I don’t know why Bing missed that.


Google SERP for the query hacked twitterw


Bing SERP for the query hacked twitterw

  • Samsung Corby:

Lets have a look at some shopping items. These reason for chosen Samsung Corby out of other things was quite simple, I like it very much.


Google SERP Results for query samsung xorby


Bing SERP Results for query samsung xorby

Thank God, Bing at least catches the word ‘Samsung’; it should have shown me the official Samsung website but it failed again.

Things I like to conclude.,

  • Bing was not quite enough to figure out user’s need. When compared to Google, the auto-suggestions by Bing was not in their mark.
  • Bing was quite good in figuring out single word misspelled suggestions.
  • It really struggles when we use more than two word in the query with some errors
  • The suggestions by Google & Bing was very good if you used some brans names in your query even you did some spell mistakes.
  • Bing should work on this auto-suggestion to satisfy all users.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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