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Bing Partners with Britannica to Bring its Own Knowledge Graph

Last week, Bing introduced some notable tweaks to its user interface. Following this, Bing announced that it has partnered with Encyclopedia Britannica to present information that is more related to a search query on its search results page.

Bing said in a Wednesday blog post, “Starting today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Encyclopedia Britannica to include Britannica Online answers directly in the Bing results page.” Bing says that the main purpose of the partnership is to deliver “relevant information in a more organized way” to help users find useful information quickly.

Britannica Online Encyclopedia in Bing Results Page

Named “Britannica Online Encyclopedia Answers”, Bing will now feature a “quick overview” of the search topic, a thumbnail image and some useful facts pertaining to the topic being searched. The results would also include links to Britannica, Wikipedia, Freebase and Qwiki.

Google’s Knowledge Graph Vs Bing’s Britannica Feature – A Comparison

John Giannandrea, director of engineering at Google said that it is not quite fair to compare Google’s Knowledge Graph, that currently has 500 million meaningful entities with Britannica Online which features “just” 120, 000 articles.

Search Engine Land’s Matt McGee says that Bing is not really trying to compete with Google but curious to prove itself as a source of very informative search results. He noted that the main difference between the two is that Google’s Knowledge Graph links users to further Google searches while Bing redirects users to third party sites.

McGee also presented some other differences that distinguish both of them:

  • “Bing is currently showing these Britannica-powered listings far less often than Google shows Knowledge Graph boxes.
  • Bing seems to show the Britannica information only if a Britannica URL appears as one of the organic search results.
  • Bing’s display happens right with the organic search result, while Google shows Knowledge Graph boxes to the right of the organic results.”

However, one can say that it is the first step of Bing towards delivering more apt search results in the future. This tool would definitely be useful for anyone who does research to expand their knowledge.

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