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Google Testing New Search Interface

The search engine giant Google is testing a new navigation interface for its search page, according to reports. The interface is absolutely clutter-free but there is a slight change in the placement of certain elements on the Web page.

The new Google search user interface, as spotted by Tecno-net, had specific vertical search options including images, maps, videos, news etc displayed as a horizontal menu between the search bar and the search results listing. Currently, the search options and navigation are present in the left sidebar of the search results page.

The new interface looked like the following:

new google user interface

In the new layout, the search tools are also shown on the top in the form of a drop-down menu option instead of the current text links sidebar. The new interface also had large empty sidebars on both the left and right side of the search results listing.

The navigation seems to be very convenient since all the search options appear on the top. People are likely to notice the search tools very often since they are placed just below the search box. Some of the sources speculate that the empty white spaces could be used for displaying ads on the left and Knowledge Graph data on the right.

The search result page will look like the following if ads occupy the left white spaces and data on the right:

Google new UI

Here is the video as shown by Tecno-net:

However, Google has not made any official comments regarding the interface tweaks.

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  1. John_ESS says:

    This will surely affect the ranking of sites on the first page of search results.

  2. i hope this new ads can make conversion more higher 🙂

  3. hayden says:

    thank u for sharing this important information for us. we are sure that this is very useful information and though we are new in this firm it will be useful for us.

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