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How to do Forum Posting Effectively?

Forum is the right place to share, ask questions and  also the better place to do online-debate. Most of SEO’s will do this for the sake of backlink’s. Dude, there is more there than backlink. Yep, its a good way to get traffic to your website. Quality always rock in any industry; Quality posting is the key to get traffic from Forums.

Your comment/post in Forum should attract user to your website. SEO is not about putting link below your comment in Forums. There is more beyond that. Here is some suggestion for doing Forum posting effectively..

Choose the right Forum

  • Its a not a big deal to find out the right Forum for doing posting. Its a matter of patience and analysis; Cache date, PR, number of threads are some of the criteria to choose the better one.
  • Some folks used to post in threads which never have a good record of Google Cache. Its always better to check the cache date of that thread before posting your comment.
  • When say right or quality Forum, people always look after PR of the Forum. Yes of-course, PR matters when it comes to quality. But its not always good to run after PR or you can’t expect every thread should have descent PR. Its always look after the Google Cache date also.

Category matters

  • Like Blog commenting, always choose the Niche Forum for posting your comments.
  • Its not the wise thing to have signature links about SEO service in film related Forums.
  • Relevancy is always important in SEO. When it comes into Forum posting also, choosing the relevant Forum for posting your comment is important. The signature link in the Forum is referred as the best place for exposure.

Are you sharing there?

  • Its not only meant for asking your questions and clarify other’s doubt. Its also the place to share the perfect things in your industry.
  • Its not necessary to start a new Forum thread to share things. Just insert the link URL in the relevant threads which talk about the same.

Appreciation are always welcome

  • Giving credit to the original post, appreciating and thanking others are always the best habits for any Internet Marketer.

Interaction with others

  • Its not always easy to get into other questions, if so never delay to ask them more details about the same.
  • The Forum thread is never gonna end in a day or two. So its good to interact with others by asking questions if you feel difficult in understanding rather than replying answer with narrow understanding with the topic.
  • Your comment/post should be elaborate and easily understandable one. Sharing your experience over any issues, will make the thread as a valuable one for others.

Follow the thread after posting

  • Answering somebody’s query and getting a signature link – do you thing these are enough in Forum posting? Nope, always look after what you have done.
  • Somebody might have objection over your thoughts or might need some clarification over your answer.
  • Looking after other’s answer and reply over queries will make your answer as perfect.
  • Mine that if you replied in the same thread – that gives another exposure for your signature link. Following the thread will yields more profit to you only.

Use DM for any Deals

  • ‘Never disclose any personal information and deals in Social Media’ – this rule applies in Forums too.
  • Asking partners for Link exchange, hiring persons for SEO work, service about your website – doing this in common thread will call the moderator to terminate your account.
  • Many Forums have separate category for stuffs like this, try to avoid mistakes in commenting.

These are the few things which has to be considered before doing Forum posting. Choosing the right Forum, quality replies will always keep your profile as a better one.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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