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Importance of Forums & Blogs in SEO


Forum is an online discussion site. It is a place where people can post messages and respond to each other. Forums are  also known as bulletin board or message board. Forums are an yet another excellent resource of information that you can often not find anywhere else in the web. It is the right place where you will get relevant information related to your needs. Many of the websites receive a very high amount of traffic and are a huge opportunity for whatever niche your site may fall into. By making an effective signature link for each your posts, you can see an drastic increase in our backlinks and also traffic. This traffic is often highly targeted.

Forum links may not be a heavily weighted link, but it drives traffic. Before you make any posts to forums, make sure the links are ‘do follow’ links. Some of the major forum rules are listed below:

Rules for Forums:

  • Don’t spam the board!
  • Make your profile complete
  • Upload your profile picture if possible so that forum users come to know you by your image that’s next to your posts
  • Introduce yourself to the community
  • Make a signature that is appropriate but effective, not out of control, large and obnoxious
  • Be courteous to other members in forums
  • Stay on topic and add something relevant to conversations, don’t just drop something in to leave your signature
  • Respond often for the best results!


  • Easy to gain viral exposure for your web site.
  • There is a possibility of making relationships with other forum members for mutual benefit.
  • This technique generates traffic to your website and also helps to promote your business.
  • It is a kind of direct advertising that really increases your ROI.


A blog is a website that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption,usually maintained by an individual .Entries/Posts are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order(most recent first).Blogs are also known as  weblogs.

Blogs are excellent source of traffic to your site. Blogging is a very powerful technique in search engine optimization to boost up our rankings and traffic. Ask a Blogger or you can write a blog entry of your own to blog about your site which will make your site more popular.Try Google’s Blog Search to find some relevant blogs about your topic and get posting! Just like forums, you want to avoid spam and offer an honest opinion about the post. Be a worthy contributor and you will get further.

Some common blog rules to be followed are listed below:

Rules for Blogs:

  • Don’t use swear words
  • Bare it all
  • Be interactive
  • Don’t steal
  • Update frequently
  • Stay cool

Blog Commenting:

You can receive a  targeted link to your site by leaving a comment to a blog post (if the blog comments are not “no follow“). When leaving a comment, it is important to leave the URL of your site. Most blogs will instruct users to leave the URL of their site on the comment (leaving a link back to your site).The downside of this is that the post may become buried under other posts.


  • It’s a good way to get quality back links for your website.
  • It drives enormous traffic towards your website.
  • You can possibly rank better even for your high competitive keywords in search engines.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post

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13 comments on “Importance of Forums & Blogs in SEO
  1. SEO Pakistan says:

    blogs and forums are a good way of getting quality links, you can get good traffic to you website using this link building technique.Forums aren’t widely used now, they are a good platform for discussion,specially you can get a lot ideas through forums, not just ideas but also solutions of certain problems.

  2. Helpful Guy says:

    Yes forums and Blogs are one of those effective way where you can interact and include important hings in related to topics and also the right place where you will get relevant information related to your needs. In order for us to get it in clean and clear we really need to know some importnat things,and that is where this blog makes everything unique, as you can observe, it gives us knowledge and things we ought to do! I really like this Post!

    Same from this blog I also found this site very interesting as it gives us tips and strategies about SEO, visit this site.

  3. WordPress SEO says:

    Very good post!!Forums and Blogs are the good thing for building links.They are important for SEO.

  4. Dixalonia says:


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    So without thinking, I went nuts – and called the gov and screamed at the top of my lungs.

    Anyway, I feel like such a fool Gulf Coast Western -the oil drilling company- was trying to make contact was returning a call from last months interview – telling me I got the job

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  5. brian says:

    Good post. I’m trying to get some page rank and have noticed some good free traffic from linking on forums.

  6. Jayson says:

    Nice post!! I love it… Really helpful for someone like myself who is just starting out. …

  7. Katerinak says:

    Thanks for your explanation what is the importance blogs and forums in SEO .

    Thanks & Regards,

  8. Cameron says:

    Very nice posting.It is Very usefull to the SEO People.

  9. paul rigby says:

    But nowadays the people are making the forums and the blog as a spam. Actually a blog is a personal thing where we can add our creativeness and few of the make business with blogs by adding their site in sidebar. And i could see most of the people would just copy the content from a high quality site and publish in their blogs. I don’t think it will be worth for their site. Their main aim is SEO business

  10. Paul says:

    To get high quality backlinks forum discussion and Blog commenting is an important task for SEO. However, forum and blog is another source for internet marketing and to bring traffic.

  11. Daniel LaReaux says:

    If done right blogs can be a good way to drive traffic, but I think they are even more useful to showcase knowledge and skill to the traffic you’ve already captured. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have begun replacing the traditional forum, though for some types of things they are still pretty useful (I visit programming forums often). I think the rules presented in this post are beneficial and the funny thing is, there is actually a lot to learn out there on various blogs making linkbuilding actually pretty enjoyable at times.

  12. Music says:

    Right place where you will get relevant information related to your needs. In order for us to get it in clean and clear we really need to know some important things,and that is where this blog makes everything unique

  13. Mumbai says:

    This Post it Amazing, I like this Post. Thanks for Sharing.

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