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ShoeMoney Sues Google Employee For AdWords Violations

Jeremy Schoemaker is an online marketing Guru at Shoemeoney.com. He has written various topics related making money on the web and built a fame for himself around the online marketing community. He made a huge success in adsense earnings and a photograph of him which shows off a check displaying $130,000 is famous outside the marketing world. Inspite of Google’s trademark policy and Complaince procedure, the other marketers have tried to build off Schoemaker’s success through dubious means. They used the word “Shoemoney” in their ads which is trademarked by Schoemaker. With the help of Google he was able to fend off violations.

But 4 months ago, Schoemaker again found a violator who was running adwords campaign using the term “Shoemoney” was directing towards the domain myincentivewebsite.com. Since the contact address of the offender is set to private in the hosting server, it became hard to find the contact details of the offender. Schoemaker approached the court and the court summoned webhost of the said site to disclose the information of the site’s owner.

Schoemaker found out the name of the site owner through his friend and also found out that the site owner was a Google employee working as an AdWords Account Strategist. Schoemaker has filed suit against the violator. The defendant claimed to be unaware of any breaches of Google’s Terms of Service or the Shoemoney trademark. The list of keywords targeted by the defendant was very similar to that targeted by the Schoemaker. It’s unbelievable that the Google employee was violating the Google’s Terms of Service.

Google’s statement:
“‘While we take this kind of allegation seriously we’re not able to comment on specifics.”

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